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Regional language differences. How do you end a phone conversation?

Asked by Blueroses (18256points) May 2nd, 2011

I was just realizing how differently I appear in type than I sound in person and one thing that stands out is the way I say good-bye. In a voice conversation, I’ve adopted the Montana habit of saying “mm’bye” from my dad.
What do you say? Did you learn it from your parents or adapt to the region where you live?

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If it’s a business conversation (most of mine are), I will thank the other party for his/her time and say “take care.” If they come back with “bye,” I’m likely to repeat it before I hang up.

It’s pretty much the same thing on a personal call, but rather than thanking the party for his/her time, it’s likely to be “thanks for calling.”

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If I just don’t feel like talking anymore I’ll find something that I need to do then say “aiight bye”.

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“Make it so…”

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I normally scream “FUCK YOU” at the top of my voice and slam the receiver down several times.

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Well Umm…I Have To Use The Bathroom So….I’ll Talk To You LATER

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I say “Yeah bro, talk to you later.”, no matter who it is. It’s just something that nobody expects to come out of my mouth and it sounds funny.

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Damn! @RareDenver I need to take a page out of your book

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I thank them for shopping then hang up.

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Laughing—gawd… I wish I knew how to end conversations on the phone in any regional dialect. I use a relay service to make my calls and there’s always this awkward “is the conversation over? do i hang up? ok i’m done now, i’ll hang up… i’m hanging up now… okay…???... (did she hang up yet? is she gone? oh oh okay bye)” I know it’s awkward for me and I’m used to it, so I can only imagine how it is for hearing people who’ve never used relay before.
I honestly prefer to use a friend to make my voice calls for me- they can take care of the regionalisms! Most of the time, if I can, I use emails so I have some control over how I end conversations.

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At work it is hopefully “thank you for your order”!

I never get calls at home so if I do answer the phone it is always let me get them for you! The rest of the time now it is all texting.

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I end it with a few non-committal phrases before saying goodbye, like easing out of the conversation. “Okay, then… talk to you later… all right, it was great to hear from you… I hope your exam goes well… see you soon, then… bye.” It’s totally pointless and takes politeness way too far, but I can’t seem to escape that in phone conversations, especially with other women. I’m in the DC area.

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I just say bye, occasionally if it’s a mate or the wife i’ll let out a sudden high pitched shriek. Keeps them on their toes, sometimes on the floor even :¬)

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Friend: “Love ya! Byeeee!”

Business: “Thank you. Good-bye.”

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Lately with some super agressive telemarketers it’s been “Please put me on your DO NOT CALL list! Or else I’m calling the police and the Better Business Bureau!”

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With my daughter: “I love you.”
With my sister and close friends: ” Talk to you soon.
With the legitimate callers; “Thank you.”
With the pests, telemarketers, fundraisers: “I never discuss my health with strangers (in answer to “How are you today?’) ”
With persistent nuisances who can’t seem to take “No” for an answer:“I’m hanging up now.”

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Alright, I say, bye.

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@gailcalled you are my new heroine. I’m using the “I never discuss my health with strangers” line.
Now I’m hoping a telemarketer calls me.

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@Blueroses: Depending on your energy level, there are variations on that theme. For example, you might say, “I’m so glad you asked. Let me tell you about my operation. You see, I had these really painful hemorrhoids until one day I couldn’t take the pain and the blood in my stool any longer…”

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I’m with @Haleth. I need some crisp and clean way. With telemarketers I have no problem- just push the stop button.

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Okay, see you there.
Love, you.
Thanks for calling.
Can’t talk right now, bye.
Send me the information and I’ll consider it.
No, thank you.

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