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Do you think it's acceptable for a teacher to carry a concealed weapon?

Asked by Gruz06 (811points) April 22nd, 2008

A substitute teacher at one of the schools in my town was found carrying a concealed weapon. He was waiting for the students to go through the metal detector and said to the principal, “I guess I should take my gun back out to my car.” He said it was for protection.

How would you feel if you were a parent of one of the students?

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Uh… how about, no way.
It sounds like he should switch professions.

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Oh my god, no! Let’s lead by example, or what? Besides, what if it was stolen from him? He’s a walking weopons cabinet.

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Yeah, thats stupid.
A) Like richardhenry said, a student could steal it. We dont need them to get a hold of guns easier.
B) He needs protection from children?!?! He needs to work somewhere by himself.
C) If he needs “protecting”, what is he going to do, shoot a child?!?!?!?!

Bad call on that guys part. Most schools have police officers to handle things like that now and days.

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what??? “you didn’t fail, you got yourself killed boom boom boom”

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@Randy: I laughed pretty hard at B.

Seriously though, it’s true. Your substitute is clearly a nut.

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I am in high school (where he has also subbed a couple of times) and this was at the junior high.
The principal immediately called 911.
He was arrested on two counts of unlawful use of a weapon.

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stirring the hornets’ nest…

It would’ve been interesting if someone at Columbine or Virginia Tech had had a firearm handy. Maybe the net effect would’ve been a reduction in innocent student and faculty deaths.

runs away…

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The rules should apply to teachers/substitute teachers when they are on campus. Schools are suppose to be a safe zone for the students away from home. Substitute teachers should abide by the rules while filling in.

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“waiting for the students to go through the metal detector”
i agree with richardhen….lead by example
the day your teacher brings a ‘concealed weapon’ to school. there shouldn’t even have to be metal detectors. it’s not acceptable for anyone to hold a weapon. in school. out of school. adult. child. ......come on.

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As long as there is government, may there always be the right to bear arms.

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I don’t know – in OR recently this was an issue because a female teacher had an abusive ex who was constantly violating his restraining order and she was afraid for her life, even at school. What would you say in this situation?

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i’d say in that situation, that that woman was most likely smart enough to come up with a solution that did not involve firearms. most people are.

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There are schools out there that I wouldn’t want to go to without some sort of protection, whether as a teacher or a student.

“Do you think it’s acceptable for a teacher to carry a concealed weapon?”


“A gun?”

Hell no. Guns are a device designed to kill others as quickly and easily as possible. That said, they are far too dangerous for a school setting.

“Pepper spray, perhaps? Or a small knife dangling from a keychain?”

I guess I just don’t see a problem with these weapons. If I were a teacher in a rough neighborhood, I’d want something on me in case someone jumps me in the parking lot, during lunch, or in a million other places. There are major school shootings every year now. Don’t tell me a teacher can’t bring a little mace in her purse.

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ok well, in the mean time, maybe we should try and do something about that bad neighborhood.

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its a teacher constitutional right to carry a gun. whether you like that right or not it is an amendment. kids carry guns why not teachers?

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“Kids carry guns, why not teachers?”

Your logic is based on the faulty premise that it’s OK that kids carry guns. That’s like saying “Ed Gene made furniture with people’s skins, so why don’t we all do it?”

And are you sure it’s a teacher’s constitutional right to bring a gun to school? Cuz I’m pretty sure that one… well, that’s a doozy.

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It’s ok as long as they only shoot the bad kids.

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It may be a constitutional right to carry a gun, but schools have a no gun policy. They had every right to have it, just not on school grounds. Thats also a law, so if he can’t follow the rules, he should be punished. Its a place of learning! Not a jail! If he can’t feel safe at work while carrying a weapon, maybe he should consider a career change. For sure if he’s going to break the law.

@richardhenry- yeah, I though B was really good too. For sure since they were elementry kids.

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have you ever been shot at? I would say after weapons training, a menta levaluation and constant testing that it should be allowed by some teachers In the school. With that said I can agree with both sides but I see the unfortunate need for protection as long as it is used for protection and not a scare tactic. Take columbine for example… Had a few teachers been versed in hostage and close quarters combat training then perhaps it would not have happend at all. I see no problem with counter balancing a threat and evening the odds in the event of a shot out. Shoot a kid? Hell yes, if that kid fired at me or anyone else for that matter I would personally aim for the chest with a wide load or hollow point. Why should you ever give an enemy a second chance?
I have been shot at before and I dont wish that upon anyone, especially in a school.

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May God have mercy on our souls.

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I’d have second thoughts about a school where little Mr. Bond goes:
“So, professor Goldfinger, you expect me to answer?”
“No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die”

Seriously though, can kinda see where the pro argument is coming from, given the amount of guns in some schools, but the teaching staff shouldn’t give in to a way of thinking that is clearly wrong…..they need to lead by example and guns in schools are as wrong as you can get! How can anyone focus on academics if you have to constantly worry about getting home without a flesh-wound or at all…..

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Do you really have to go through a metal detector at school? Sorry, but that’s just crazy.

And no, it’s not acceptable for anyone to carry a gun (without a valid use for it), let alone a teacher.

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This topic covers one of the reasons we homeschool our daughter!

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Was this substitute arrested? I don’t know what the laws are in Illinois, but without a permit to carry, having a concealed weapon in my state would be grounds for arrest. It is also illegal for anyone to have a weapon on school property.

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Its about as acceptable as me posting this

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no way!!!

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