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Has anyone ever here gotten busted for having a drinking party out in the woods?

Asked by stuff12 (245points) April 22nd, 2008 from iPhone
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Nope. No one drinks here.

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Not I, but I’m sure it could happen. One big factor is WHO’S woods you’d be in.

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I think Judochop did, but that was by Bigfoot.

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Not in the woods and only one of the girls actually got picked up (she was the most drunk one). She had to be collected from the station by her parents….at age 14.

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no but once we had a party out at our old lake and got caught. It’s not the same as the woods but close enough.

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We used to have parties in the middle of the Mojave Desert and think we wouldn’t get caught: the dissilisionment of teenagers! We would try new spots every weekend but it never failed that the police would show up with the paddy wagon and bust us. Those were the days.

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Yeah, I used to party in the woods until the whole rock throwing, foul smelling, tree hugger showed up and made me all scared and stuff

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yup! Cops found us, stole our kegs and sent us to jail. The ones they could catch!!!

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If you dress up like a druid they might recognize your shindig as a religious ceremony and leave you be.

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yeah just take a few dungens and dragons games and hide the liquor in wooden flasks. You should be fine then

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Yes! First year of college partied out in the woods at robbers cave state park, cops showed up almost everyone is underage but all they did was take alcohol, write down our license info and send us home. Dont know why they wrote down license info nothing ever came of that.

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If you dress up like the bears in this video, the authorities might just leave you alone.

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