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Use of articles in these sentences?

Asked by lessonenglish (278points) May 3rd, 2011

1. The error message is displayed at the end of (the) home page.

2. The error message is displayed on the end of (the) home page.

3. The error message is displayed in the end of (the) home page.

Which one is correct? Is the article “the’ written in the bracket necessary?

4. Look at both of (the) sides while crossing the(a) road.

Is “the” proper article here or should it be “a”?

5. (The)Error message displayed on (the) home page is wrong.

or this sentence should be,

5.(Edited) Error message displayed on home page is wrong.

I am confused about the use of articles. Especially, use of “The”.


Which one is correct from these ?

6. Clean your table before leaving.

6. Clean your table before you leave.

I think, both are correct and indicate same meaning.
This is not any homework. Please help me out.

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I would write:
The error message is displayed at the bottom of the home page.
Look both ways when crossing a road.
The error message displayed on the home page is wrong.

Either of number 6 will work.

I’ve changed a few words in these, so I’m doing more than addressing your questions regarding the articles.

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The error message is displayed at the BOTTOM of the home page. is definitely better, since “bottom” refers more to spatial arrangement and “end” to chronological or logical arrangement.

“Before leaving” reflects something that routinely needs to be done. “Before you leave” may be routine or one time.

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I would use at the of the end of the home page.

Look both ways while crossing the road. The side of the road is where you are standing, and the other side is where you are crossing to. It is confusing, many languages use side as to our own left and right even for crossing the road, but English doesn’t.

The error message on the home page is wrong.

The reason the first example is at the bottom, and the other is on the home page, is because in the first example you are already on the page, while on the second you are directing them to the home page. So for instance, the directions are on the home page at the bottom, would be correct.

Both of your sentences for cleaning the table are fine.

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If a sentence is started by “Home page”,should the article “the” be omitted?

(The) Home page has a lot of errors.
Home page has a lot of errors.

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You would use The home page. The article is necessary.

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I would use the article with any reference to the “home page.” If the text you’re writing will sit on a website, you could also refer to the page as “Home.” The real lesson is to be consistent in your style.

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One of the big differences between English and many other languages is its liberal use of articles. I am a volunteer editor for a website that gets lots of submissions from people all over the world, many of whom do not speak English as their first language. One of the giveaways that someone is not a native speaker (it seems especially common with people from India) is that they leave out articles where native English speakers would use them.

When in doubt, use the article- you will almost always be right!

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@crisw Of course, many of those Indians are native English speakers. They just don’t speak it the same way Americans or the English do.

Don’t forget, there are more of them!

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I hate articles. I tend to not use the when necessary. I mean, the point gets across.

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@dxs Looks like you use them even when they aren’t appropriate!

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@6rant6 I meant to say ”...I tend to not use them when necessary…”

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@dxs I thought maybe.

You have to admit it came out funny.

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