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Do you own a Dachshund?

Asked by sccrowell (3508points) April 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

Is it a miniature, tweenie, standard, male or female and what color?

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Yes a standard red male, he is 22 pounds and a low rider!

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my bestfriend has two females.
1 miniature, red, 3 lbs (maybe)named Jada, 7 yrs old.
And 1 black w/a little white, 15 lbs, named Shiloh, 5 yrs old.

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No but I have painted about 50 of them to raise funds for rescues.
They are wonderful dogs- full of personality.

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mine is a mini that weighs 19lbs, mind you his parents weigh 7 & 9lbs.

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A mini that weighs 19# ?
He must be big boned : )

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It probably tries to eat everything it can get its long face on and then some

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if you check back about 9:30 PDST you can see how big he is….. If you’ve nothing better to do. Which of course we all do.

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I’m with the Nebraska Dachshund Rescue. Actually, there are only two recognized sizes – Miniature – < 11lbs and Standard – anything over 11 lbs. I have six…three longhairs (a red, a black and tan, and an English cream), two smooths (a black and tan, and a double dapple), and one bald (blue). My double dapple is deaf and blind. My blue is in a cart and his name is Telly. Look up “Telly the Little Blue Dog” on Facebook!

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