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Slender people...have any overweight people who wanted to lose weight ever asked you what you eat during a regular day, and then tried to copy that?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43352points) May 5th, 2011

With the exception of a brief period, after my son was born 24 years ago, I have always been slender. I blossomed after he was born. I needed to lose about 40 pounds, and I got with my sister, The Queen of Dieters. First thing she said was “There is no such thing as baby fat. You’ve started eating differently since he was born.”... and she was right. She coached me through, taught me how to count calories and I lost that 40 pounds in about six months by changing my eating habits to more resemble hers and I’ve never had to look back.

I’ve known lots of overweight….obese….people in my life. They’re forever going “on diets,” which they, of course, go “off” of, but not one has ever asked, as a serious question, how I stay so thin. Not one has asked, “Tell me what you’ve had to eat so far today,” or “What all did you eat yesterday?”

I guess…if I was overweight and I had the opportunity to get with someone about the same height as me, but slender, I’d glom on to them until I got used to their eating habits. Well….and I did just that when I wanted to lose that weight.

In all these years, why has no one ever asked? Slender people…has anyone ever asked you about your eating habits?

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I have been asked what I do to keep in shape.
I tell them and then they don’t do a thing! XD

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Yeah! It’s like, “Um, I play volley ball three times a week and walk every chance I get and I also do 80 sit ups every night….” They look at you like you crazy!

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Some people want an easy fix and that is a shame because exercise just feels good.:)

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Yes it does! Even the aching you feel the next morning feels good, because you know you…worked in a good way! And if you don’t quit…work those same muscles again that same day, it’s even better!

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No, people just assume I barely eat anything and that I exercise a lot. I eat whatever I want, but I stop when I feel full. I also tend to eat when I am hungry and what I am hungry for whether it be broccoli or steak or chocolate. I do not ‘exercise’ regularly, but I walk instead of driving, do housework and take care of three kids.

I think a big reason people would not ask me that though is because I am 5’ and weigh 95 lbs; not even close to what most people consider average size.

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Well it’s not as easy as finding someone with the same height and following their diet. Everyone has different genetic predispositions and metabolism, so everyone needs to figure out their own regime. Nice to have a sib with similar genes to do it with, for you!

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@Dutchess_III ya but when that lovely ache feels so good longer and longer into the morning, um , early afternoon um… it can get discouraging or at least interest one in lower stress exercise, um, activity. I still love running every day, I remember that fondly.
Oh! I should answer the question… when I did run every day I was thin enough people wanted to feed me, but they didn’t ask about how I stayed that way for years and years and years and then, um, I didn’t.

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@sliceswiththings My sister is 5’ 11”. I’m 5’ 8”. I adjusted accordingly. We have the same genes, but I’m not sure what metabolism has to do with it. Nothing, I think. If one has a “low” metabolism, if there is such a thing, one should eat less. If one is 3 inches taller they need to eat a little more than the one who is 3 inches shorter. Simple.

@dabbler… my point. They didn’t ask. Why?

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Yes but they rarely make any good of it.

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I watched my daughter over the years. At 5’ 6” and 118 lbs., she is as lean and graceful as a whippet. She makes good choices at table but is able to eat huge quantities and then have some ice cream before bed to wash everything down.

She does move with the speed of a hummingbird, however, and needs to bike, run, ski, or swim daily in order to be content. (Unlike me; I am more slug- or sloth-like.)

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Yes, but I have to tell them about my metabolism disorder and bad gall bladder (no fatty foods or I get sick sick sick) and their eyes glaze over and they usually say something not very flattering of either of us,... like ‘You are so lucky!’ (right…. you live with it then…)

I was thin before my illness, though, and I did notice that when I exercised or moved, I have always been a bit hyper. I think some people just have more energy and are freer in their movements because of personality.
I went to aerobics classes with a friend from work who was very quiet and shy. She was younger than me by quite a bit bigger. I could tell from the very careful way she moved that she wasn’t burning as many calories as me or the instructor.

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@Dutchess_III Some people are just naturally slimmer than others. Remember that girl in high school who didn’t exercise and ate as much as the football team but stayed skinny? I’m genetically just like my mom: I have her feet, her voice, her eyes, and also her tendency for all her fat to stay around her middle. We’re both healthy, we eat very well, we exercise regularly, but it never reduces our midsections. Arms and legs, butt, yes. I’m pretty sure I already eat what super slender people eat, but it doesn’t make me their dopelgangers.

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I’ve never felt the need to ask a slender person what they do or eat. I already know. I eat like crap, I don’t exercise like I should and I’ve gained weight. It’s really easy to figure out.

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what a ridiculous question.

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^^ unlike some other queries we’re seen recently.

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