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If you were on death row, what would you request as your very last meal?

Asked by naivete (2458points) May 6th, 2011

Here are some requests from prisoners

What would your last meal be?

I think I’d go with lots and lots of ice-cream and gelato.

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Beer battered fried halibut, steamed broccoli with garlic and butter, a caesar salad with black olives, and caramel ice cream.

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I would ask for a plate of those little berries that grow on the far side of Mars.

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I would probably be too scared to eat at all. I’d ask for a bottle of Jack Daniels.

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Steak! No doubt steak. With a baked cheesy potato and a milkshake.

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Tilefish with crab remick and a good wheat beer.:)

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A swarm of live bees covered in their own honey.

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Not sure I could eat but I’d ask for a dozen crabs legs, cold, with hot melted butter, a baked potato with everything on it, some cole slaw, a huge Margarita on the rocks and iced tea with fresh lemon. think I’d get it?

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Belgian waffles loaded with fresh strawberries on top and tons of maple syrup with a side of sausage links.

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A plate of shrimp. I am allergic to shrimp.
(so I could beat them to it.)

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If I was on death row, the only thing I would want is copious amounts of alcohol.
Perhaps I would beat them to the punch.

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Something expensive and awkward to prepare. Fugu sashimi followed by a large kobe steak perhaps.

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Chocolate chip pancakes. Best. Shit. Ever.

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I’d ask for something out of season and very difficult to find, like a stir fry with Morel mushrooms, bamboo shoots, oysters, and Thai rice – with a quail egg on the top.
And a sprinkle of Cardamom. ;-)

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A psychoactive salad for me please.

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In reality, if I ever found myself in that position, I would probably not have an appetite, but for the sake of the question, I’ll tell you what I would like to eat (maybe like if I knew I was going to have to go on a forced fast for a month or something like that).

A glass of fresh iced tea (preferably Earl Grey) served in a tall glass (no plastic) with a bendy straw.

And another drink, a chocolate malt, served in one of those nifty parfait-style glasses with whipped cream on top (and not just a shake, it has to have malt in it). With the extra set next to it, still in the stainless steel mixing cup.

Then I’d like a tray of nachos, served in one of those little paper containers like you get at the fair, with steaming hot nacho cheese and sliced jalapenos.

Then I’d like a couple of really good beer battered onion rings with a side of ranch dressing and some thick, fresh cut, skin-on French fries with both mayonaise and kechup.

After that, I might like a plate of huevos rancheros with tasty refried beans and some Spanish rice with some really good, fresh hot, crispy tortilla chips and salsa.

Then would come the pizza (preferably from California Pizza Kitchen) with wild mushrooms.

While all this stuff is coming out in courses, there of course would be a platter of different kinds of fancy cheeses, maybe some Swiss Emantaler, some Gruyere, some Gouda, a sharp cheddar, and some Maytag bleu. And something creamy and fresh tasting, they could surprise me.

Then, I’d like a sampling of my favorite Indian curries (I’ll try not to be greedy and only pick three): Aloo Gobi and Palak Paneer and Channa Masala

Then to cool things down a little bit, I’d love a fresh spring roll filled with rice noodles, tofu, mint, shredded carrots, shredded jicama and lettuce, served with a peanut butter dipping sauce. And since, this would be Thai food, I’d also like a small bowl of Tom Kha Soup

And since, I’ve been known to eat more than one kind of soup at a sitting (especially if I’m at Souplantion) I would probably also like to eat a small bowl of cream of mushroom soup, a hot and sour soup from Au Lac Vegetarian Vietnamese Restaurant, and potato cheese soup.

At this point I would be ready for dessert which would consist of gingerbread, pumpkin pie, a scoop of strawberry ice cream, sticky coconut rice with mango, and Kheer (with Cardamom, naturally)

At this point, I would probably already be dead.

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I want to go out to dinner with her ^^^ !

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@worriedguy But then they’d probably kill you too : (

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“I would ask for a plate of those little berries that grow on the far side of Mars.”

Is that request based on the expectation that it would take at least decades for those berries to be harvested? ;-)

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An everlasting gobstopper is all i’d require.
“I ain’t ready to die yet ya bastards!! Let me finish me dinner!” XD

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“A swarm of live bees covered in their own honey.”

Lol- what’s your reasoning for that request?

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@Brian1946 That’s the idea. It should take 100 years at least to find those berries and bring them back. A guy’s last request can’t be denied.

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Those photographs are fascinating. The person who requested just cigarettes and matches is a badass. I wonder what some of them were thinking, like the person who asked for six bottles of coke and a single saltine cracker.

I’d go for an entire bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, prosciutto, hard cheese, and fig spread on French bread with a little green salad. It’s not that over the top and I eat stuff like this all the time, but these are my very favorite things.

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If I were on death row I would not request a last meal, what would be the point? I would tell them to give that meal to some hungry person who would really need it—not that I actually believe they would do it”. After I am dead I would not be hungry I will have Living Water so whatever Earthbound food is here would not compare.

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A caesar salad, my mother’s lasagna, and two thick pieces of garlic toast.

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You know what? I’d ask for cigarettes, too.

I’m about to be executed? Sheee-it. I probably wouldn’t have eaten for a couple of days at that point.

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I big bowl of hummus with those little toast thingies. Also, I would ask for some cheese filled tortellini in marinara sauce. To drink, I would request Barq’s root beer.

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What if someone requested a medium rare piece of human?

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Filet mignon, lobster tail and a rack of lamb. Baked potato with all the fixings. Ceasar salad, and a bottle of Mo√ęt & Chandon. Tiramisu for dessert with cappuccino. May as well, if it’s the last meal I’d ever eat.

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