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Is time going to run out soon?

Asked by SofaKingWright (530points) May 7th, 2011

People see signs everywhere that the end is near. Unfortunately for them, they are virtually the same signs that their ancestors saw millennia before them. What’s with this zealous propaganda?

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Yes. Time is going to run out in about 60 billion years from now when all matter in the universe decays. If we can’t figure out how to migrate humanity to another parallel plane by then, we’re all screwed!

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Highly stressed people in survival mode..?

Maybe birds feels the same way before they migrate . . . and we still have the same instinct in us but not everybody can afford the change of scenery or a new apartment. It’s nothing new that’s for sure.

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Just live your life and don’t worry about the world ending and the signs of it ending. If you live life like it were your last you will try to experience as much as you can all the time and you will have a happy life when you look back rather than sit in the house and worry about when your life will end…

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I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.
Right, there is no NEW news under the sun, and, even the sun will die.

If war and pestilence and natural disasters don’t do it, we most likely will go the way of the dinosaurs.

BAM! A meteor atomizes us on a Tuesday afternoon while we are obsessing over what to make for dinner.

Little will you know that you’re drinking your last Corona, ever! lol

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Whew! For a minute I thought you said sixty million, @HungryGuy.

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Well, we have to plan for sooner than that, however. The sun is going to run out of fuel in about 5 billion years from now (to use an automotive analogy which is completely incorrect and irrelevant, imagine the sun slowly using up its hydrogen fuel and running leaner and leaner and, thus, hotter and hotter). So we need to think about moving soon anyway. But we have a while before the whole universe runs down. Phew!

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No, it is not. People can see signs and portents in anything.

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When I was a little girl I’d hear prophecies that the world was going to end on such and such a day. I’d go to bed afraid that would happen. And then I’d wake up and it hadn’t happened. Somehow I think we have more pressing problems about our current times to worry about 5 billion years from now. I don’t believe in waiting until the last minute, but . . . .

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Doomsayers are unhappy people. Really, what’s the point of living in fear of something you can’t do anything about? It must be an exhausting way to exist.

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And todays winner of the wisdom award goes to @Blueroses ;-)

I hope I am star gazing in my hot tub slightly lubricated with some good wine and then….ZING!…the next big bang cometh! lol

I can;t think of anything cooler, to see the meteor coming….lights out, sweet dreams, see you in the next world! haha

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Here is a story from NPR on this very topic. I have heard end of the world prophecies since I was a little girl, so far none has come to fruition. I’ll tell you what though, the people who make the predictions get lots of attention.

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Time will run out within 100 years for all of us, but the world will go on as before.

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Well, I won’t bother cleaning my house. Just in case.

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Kinda ironic we spend our whole lives combating dust, when we will BE dust soon! lol

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Most end-of-the-world predictions are associated with religion, and many of them do not correspond with generally accepted religious texts. So don’t worry about these people’s predictions; simply take advantage of the large number of cheap winnebagos for sale on May 22.

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FYI, time has already run out…

…we’re just experiencing the residual effect.

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These days people think they can determine the end of the world by looking at their own shit.

No, it’s not going to end soon. People are just paranoid little fucks and it’s just used to scare you into certain things. Magazines that portray this “end of the world” rhetoric are just wanting you to buy things. A lot of religious people that say you should convert to their religion because the “end is near” and you will only be saved if you are on there side are complete wack jobs.

This shit is ridonculus.

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The end IS always near….there is no guarantee tomorrow will come. No big surprise really.

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I think that you have to save the “end is near for the turn of the century. Thad and the 2K prediction for total computer failure reached its crest in 1999 or 2000 depending on where you start your count.

If the world ends you can be sure that some jackass fundamentalist caused it.

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The Last Poets rapped about time running out in 1970.


Sent from my iPod

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Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so; it’s not going to run out, per se. But other things will certainly end, and sooner rather than later.

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@Ron_C Right about a world loaded with jackass fundamentalists. Their concentration on Heaven is creating Hell nearly everywhere all right.

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@KatetheGreat Ridonculus!

Groups with eschatological beliefs always see “end” whenever big shifts are occurring. We got some crazy stuff going on, so they try to fit that into their end time beliefs.

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@SofaKingWright I keep hearing about their “Great Commission” that Jesus told them to go out and “gather souls”. It seems that they need to get their house in order first. The various sects can’t agree with each other, how do they expect the rest of us to “be converted”.

Frankly, I like me just as I am, a skeptic and searcher for the truth.

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@Ron_C… Don’t know about that, Ron. Have given up the search for truth. Now just looking for a good fantasy!

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I’m waiting for Newton’s prediction. 2060, baby! And if I was going to trust anyone about apocalypse stories, Newton has a hell of a lot more cred then Brian Haubert.

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please tell me they’re not passing prohibition again . . .

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Time ran out for my parents over 25 years ago, and will most likely run out for me in about another 35 or 40 years from now, unless I get hit by a car tomorrow.

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The Apostle Paul had to write to the church at Thessaloniki admonishing them in 2 Thessalonians 3:10, “For also when we were with you we enjoined you this, That if any would not work, neither should he eat.” The church members were supposed to share their worldly goods and pool the labor, but certain individuals thinking themselves more pious than the rest and convinced that they saw the signs of the eminent end time wanted to do nothing but pray and meditate. That was 2,000 years ago. The end of time didn’t come then. It’s been prophesied constantly from that day forward, and it hasn’t come yet.

Ans I can guarantee yo the scammers puting up the billboards claiming this May the 21st is the final hour are full of bull. The very Bible they claim to read to discern the end time says this, “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Mathew 24:36.

I happen to be an atheistic agnostic. But I seem to know more about what the Christian Scriptures actually say than many of the charlatans fattening their pockets with apocalyptic preaching and phony prophesy.

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As mentioned, people have predicted the end of time constantly. We seem fascinated by it. Notice however, that many times, the end is associated with rebirth, renewal and all. I think that the idea of an Apocalypse is a collective yearning for a better world. Even in the given scenarios that don’t involve transition and actually predict a legitimate end, the discontent with life and its societies spawns it.

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Todays time is ending for me now. Off to bed, assuming I will wake up again, not dead.

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Good night, don’t let the zombies bite!

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@Ron_C, @ETpro, you might be interested in Dispensationalism.
Also @Ron_C: Most of the differences between denominations are minor enough as to be irrelevant. Some arise from interpretational quirks, others from tradition, and others from using third-party materials. My parents’ church and mine are wholly compatible, differing only in format and age distribution.

Salvation is quite simple, and is practically an inter-denominational standard. Such differences as there are tend to be about actually being a Christian, and arise from our flawed nature. Painful as it is to contemplate, we are all works in progress.
It’s a bit like dieting: the overall goal is to become healthier, and some diets will do the job better than others, and some are downright harmful.

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@SofaKingWright Regarding the concern that time might be running out, see this reassuring thread.

@Nullo, Then again, I might not.

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Yes, time is running out. There is no pause button to hit. The enemy is already here on our own soil, and those fools who make up the Senate are either too blind to see it, or they are guilty of complicity. Hence the reason they are going after President Trump, so we won’t see the danger in time.

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