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How hypocritical is the proposed Muslim registry? (Details )

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16809points) December 23rd, 2016

So. America was settled by pilgrims, hoping to practice their own religious beliefs without persecution.

Now America will persecut people for their religion?

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How are we going to compile this registry? Door to door? What exactly is actually proposed?

Is it hypocritical? Well, it certainly isn’t in line with religious freedom. Although, knowing someone’s religion isn’t the same as persecuting them. You can be free and have your religion known. People just worry about the slippery slope. I understand why. I guess with Trump he is at minimum implying he will be using the information to keep an eye on the Muslims. Seems unnecessary, so it also seems either redundant, or a bunch of blah blah blah for the haters.

We actually have let people into the country under religious persecution, so in a way we knew their religion for entry.

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Trump will triumph

The paranoid police will turn in all non-Baptist

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Well, I might as well start packing now. They’ll get to the Catholics eventually. Hey, Leslie and the Penguin—let me know where they’re going to send the Jews. Maybe I can get a transfer. I don’t know many Catholics anymore.

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So…. has the order been placed for the black leather trench coats yet? Where are you planning on puttting all the concentration camps and gas chambers? And how long before the planned increase in the military march into Canada?

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@Espiritus_Corvus I keep telling my husband to go get his Mexican passport! I’ve been telling him this for years. Once Trump builds the wall we will be safe from him on the other side. ~

@ALL In all seriousness, I don’t think Trump will be rounding people up or killing them. I do think similar to the Patriot Act and Stop and Frisk, he will create an environment where government officials, including local police, feel more at liberty to hassle Muslims.

It’s already the law for forever that if there is cause the police can get a court order to tap phones and search houses. What we have now is fewer obstacles to get that done. I’m never ok with harassing people who seemingly are doing nothing. I am ok with watching them to some extent, like cameras on the street, or officers walking a beat.

I’ll say what I said in a Facebook status. What I want to hear Republicans for Trump say, is if Trump and other local governments start marking and rounding people up we will be right there fighting against, we don’t care who we voted for. See, the majority of the Trump voters don’t believe he will round anyone up, or take away rights from our Muslim citizens. They won’t believe it until they see it, hopefully they are right.

Is it UnAmerican to just keep an eye more on one group? Is it “racial” profiling? I am ok with profiling as long as no one is being harassed and no one is having serious invasions of privacy for no real reason. Profiling usually doesn’t only target a group. It usually has more factors, like part of that group, place and time, behavior, and more.

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@JLeslie in all seriousness I’m pretty sure that when the Germans elected Hitler they didn’t image it would end in total war and the single biggest genocide in human history. Nobody thinks they’re the bad guys, they just take small “reasonable” steps to protect their way of life and before you know it you’re taking over the world and fighting a war on multiple fronts and the worst parts of your society suddenly find their true calling in life.

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I thought this had been scrapped because it didn’t work and diverted personnel from work that was useful.

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@Lightlyseared I’m Jewish, don’t worry, I grew up being told that it can happen anywhere, and I took it seriously, I still do. For now, we have to wait and see what happens. I seriously have lectured my husband for many years to keep his Mexican passport up to date. He always responds, “why?” I always tell him, “because sometimes it’s better not to be an American.” By that I mean when traveling, or God forbid escaping.

The hysteria now will only be like crying wolf in my opinion. No one will listen if and when things really start to happen. It was ok before the election to try to get out the vote for Hillary, but now “sounding” like an alarmist or paranoid is not helpful. Even before the election it was a questionable tactic. I really feel Trump is not antisemitic, but it doesn’t matter which anti- it might be. It doesn’t matter who he, or people who feel empowered because he is president, go after, it’s not ok.

Trump will learn how rigorous our vetting is for Syrian people wanting to come here. He’s right that criminals coming across our southern boarder need to be dealt with, we already do it now. That’s not a change in policy. I’m not talking about immigrants as a whole coming across, I am not including being an illegal immigrant as a criminal, im talking about criminal activity, larsony, violent crimes, and drug running.

A lot of the stuff Trump talked about is already policy and done now, he just said it in a crass, awful, not PC, way that is not becoming of a president.

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I’d really have to know the details of this so called “registry” before I could offer an opinion. If Muslims are harmless I can’t imagine Trump could get away with this. And yes; I believe most Muslims are harmless. But for some reason we seem to be terrified of them.
If Christians are the true terrorists we definitely need a Christian Registry.

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Trump as President is dangerous for any minority that is viewed as different i.e. LGBT, Muslim, gun control, climate change; he can get away with it just issue an Executive Order @Aster.

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I’d say influential rather than dangerous. In no way should LGBT people feel their lives are threatened by Trump nor should climate change feel threatened (as if it could). And , while a registry is historical, a registry is not life threatening in and of itself. It could , however , cause violence in the Muslim community against Christians and / or the US government starting with street protests.

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Trump is already having a list of Energy Department employees that have or will be attending climate meetings. Do you think this is the start of a lay-off list?

KKK Sympathizer picked for Attorney General and also in link National Security Advisor is an Islamaphobe

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“Do you think this is the start of a lay-off list?” What?

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WHAT? If you don’t agree with him you will be toast, he doesn’t believe in climate change! !

He is actively reversing the last fifty years of Environmental clean-up.

Stock tip buy Oil an Gas company stocks, they will be able to be as dirty as the were fifty years ago, same with automobile manufacturers, Smog will return at a higher rate in urban areas.

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I think he will change his mind on climate change. Should gold/silver stocks be sold and exchanged for oil stocks? They’re stagnating.

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Only if he gets a ~ ~ ~ brain transplant !

His appointees that will be “day to day” controlling EPA and Energy Department don’t think climate change is man-made.

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