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What are some good points on social injustice in the book The Outsiders?

Asked by Trozeii (55points) May 8th, 2011

I have to do an English Assignment where I have to pick a person who is important to the social injustice theme, and write a speech in their words on how they relate to it and I have to present it appearing in character.

I chose to be Ponyboy Curtis from The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, and I have picked out a few quotes and pieces from the book, and mentioned them, but I feel that it’s not enough..

Any ideas, suggestions, or anything else? Would be much appreciated!

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Here’s a tip for a newbie: we don’t really help people with their homework. You’d be better served trying google.

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What quotes and pieces do you have thus far? You might simply need to elaborate on them. We may be able to help you, but you need to use your ideas, not ours. Otherwise it’s going to sound phony.

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@incendiary_dan Yes we do. We don’t give them the answers, but we do help them.

@Trozeii Sorry, I can’t help. I barely paid attention to that book when I had to read it, and now I’ve forgotten it all.

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@Trozeii I really suggest reading the book its a really good one, I actually have re-read it again outside of school. Its really a good one you got assigned read it, you will love it. Very relateable even todays kids can find something in it they will love.

Again it will be well worth your time and let your imagination just go with the book.

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@MyNewtBoobs Sounded to me like someone was fishing for answers. But maybe not, my mistake.

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@incendiary_dan You don’t know him. He didn’t know the policy, but now he does, and can still benefit from our help. And how exactly would you phrase for non-answer help, anyway? Probably not much differently than he did. I couldn’t tell you what the difference between his question and the questions I ask for help with papers were.

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Consider the fact that the socs seem to be involved in just as much hooliganism as their poorer rivals, yet they do not get looked down upon because of this. Try arguing that with examples from the story.

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