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My iHome iP45 won't charge nor turn on, how to get it to work again?

Asked by xTheDreamer (890points) May 8th, 2011

Why isn’t my iHome iP45 turning on?
I’ve recently noticed that my iHome’s battery is completely dead, it doesn’t even have the battery sign on the display. I’ve change the ‘watch’ battery and charged the internal battery for about 12 hours and it still doesn’t want to turn on. What can the problem be? Is there a way I can turn my iHome back on?

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Does it work when it’s plugged in ?

Are you positive that the battery you put in is not defective ? We had that problem recently with the garage door opener. Tried another battery and everything’s fine now.

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@Buttonstc No it doesn’t work even when it’s plugged in. The battery that normally shows on the screen when it’s plugged in is not even showing at all.

And I’m positive that the battery that I’ve put in isn’t defective because it’s a brand new battery that I’ve bought.

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