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What is the diference between an essay, a short story and a novel?

Asked by antimatter (4424points) March 28th, 2013

Out of curiosity is there a rule how many words do you have to write if you write an essay, a short story or a novel?
Does an essay have two thousand words and after three thousand words you have a short story and after ten thousand words you have a novel?

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They are completely different genres and styles of writing.

An essay is a piece of non-fiction writing and takes an interpretive, comparative and/or analytical approach to a topic. An essay could be quite short (500 words) or long (a few thousand words).

A short story is a narrative piece of creative writing. A short story may be very short or quite long but is shorter than a novel. This Wikipedia page suggests a short story with less than 1000 words is called a short, short story. This page suggests a short story shouldn’t exceed 20,000 words. I’m not sure whether there is a more authorative source regarding word lengths.

A novel is a longer piece of creative fiction in a narrative form. A shorter novel would be called a novella.

Each has its own style and structural elements.

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^^ authoritative.

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I think you mean “difference” instead of “deference” which is a totally different meaning.

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@citizenearth never even noticed…

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@Bellatrix thank you that cleared things up a bit.
English is not my first language and I am going for therapy and a part of my therapy is that I must write a short story for every session. My short story should be more than two thousand words.

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There are lots of resources online to help you with your writing. Writing is very cathartic so I hope it helps you. Are your stories supposed to be based on your real life experience or works of fiction?

Depending on whether you need to write non-fiction or fiction, do a Google search to find resources to help you understand the structure of a short story. I think, given the purpose of your writing, you shouldn’t get too bogged down in the technicalities of writing. Just getting your thoughts down as a story is probably going to be a good start.

Let us know how you go. There are a number of writers here so if you have more questions I’m sure people will be happy to help.

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@Bellatrix thank you and that’s why I love fluther every body cares!
Nope my stories is based on real life events that happened to me.

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Deference is a gesture/attitude of humility or submission to an authority.

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Okay I get it @bookish1, thanks.

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An “essay” is necessarily non-fiction – a discussion of facts.Essay is usually fact based and has an viewpoint or opinion.

A “short story” is a short piece of fiction. A short story would be a subplot(real or fiction) that happened any where.
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Let’s toss “novella” into the mix. I believe it falls somewhere between a short story and a novel.

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