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Are you a questioner or answerer?

Asked by jlelandg (3536points) May 8th, 2011

I compared my fluther stats with my friends and found out that he uses fluther for questions more than responses, while I have only asked 40 questions in my off and on 3 years here. Are you more of a questioner or answerer and any further discussion or explanation is of course welcome.

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I am an answerer for sure. I barely ever think to ask questions.

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I just began here a couple months ago but I am definately an answerer

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I wander round n round n round.


I’m more of an answerer. I find it’s easier to answer a question than to ask a question. Coming up with a good question and then wording it accurately in order to get good answers takes a bit of thinking and time, which requires more energy than just answering someone else’s question. With answers, I don’t have to worry whether they’re right or wrong, because with most questions, there is neither a right or wrong answer.

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A little of both, definitely mainly answers though.

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An answerer. Most of the questions that come to mind can be answered by doing an internet search or asking the appropriate party.

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what if we answer questions with questions, where do we fit in?
haha, anyway I consider myself an answerer I guess even though I like asking questions.

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Answers, mostly. I have answered thousands of questions since I started on Q & A a few years ago.

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I write about 13.5 answers for every question. What does that make me? Well-rounded? I know about three jellies who seem to regularly use up their three questions per day. Some of them seem to do very little answering.

When I do write a question, I don’t actually put much thought into them, although some people think otherwise. I assure you they are just as off-the-cuff as my answers. I never know what I’m going to say before I start and answer or a question. It turns out how it turns out. I mean, I don’t think this place should be taken that seriously, although I do take it seriously.

But I digress. See? No planning here at all. Hey! Wouldn’t that make a good question?

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I definitely answer more than I ask.

Here on Fluther, I have 5,760 responses to a mere 42 questions, and my six years at Answerbag netted thousands of answers, tens of thousands of comments and less than 100 questions.

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I’m an answerer-r-rrr.

dammit! now my engine won’t start.

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Definitely more of an answer-er. My stats:

Joined: July 21st, 2008
Questions: 121
Responses: 18,986

Someone else will have to do the math (you won’t find me answering any math questions, that’s for sure!)… what’s my ratio?

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I’m not so great at math either but your ratio would be:

121:18,986 :)

or 121/18,986.. so that’s .006% of the time that you’re bombarding us with an onslaught of never ending questions!

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Haha… Thanks @ninjacolin. :)

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I really like asking questions and take pride in asking thought provoking ones and actually work at the wording of the question and the details.

That being said, I do answer more often simply because that’s the function of Fluther. The question limit means that we all necessarily answer more than we ask.

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Questions : 721
Answers : 9235

Don’t know what that says entirely, but I enjoy both.

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@ucme : That says that for every 100 answers you’ve written, you’ve contributed about 8 questions. My ratio is 100 answers to about 12 questions. But who’s counting.

You enjoy both? I had no idea you swung both ways. Nice.

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@hawaii_jake Hey now steady on old chap! ;¬}

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I’m 41 for 563 so that makes me less than 1 for every 100. I guess I would need a few more years for a proper sampling. I agreed with whoever said “I can look it up myself”. I usually ask questions when I’m lazy.

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87% of my activity here is answers.

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(questions) 229
(responses) 6098

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Mostly an answerer, sometimes a questioner.

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I have approximately 1 question to every 54 answers.
So answering is roughly 98+% of my fluthering.

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Q’s: 289
A’s: 8,955

I’d say I’m more of an answerererer.

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Defintely more of an answerer. These are my stats for all who care…:
Joined: March 13th, 2011
Questions: 7
Responses: 505
I’m still new…only two months in.

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I often read; I seldom answer; I almost never ask. I came here under unusual circumstances; I’ve stayed under more unusual circumstances. And the environment has completely captivated me. I only have circumstancial evidence that I even exist here ;-)

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Questions (250) Responses (10,100) since December 11, 2008.

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Well, given that one can only ask so many questions a day I’m definitely an answerer. Some days my energy level is low, and I become just a reader.

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But I do tend to ask a lot of questions within someone else’s thread to get clarification on the original question, or to ask another answerer about some nifty thing they’ve posted.

sometimes I think WTF? when I see a particularly startling answer, but I don’t ask WTF?

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Because I’m so conceited and think that absolutely everyone wants to hear whatever crap I have to vomit forth, I’m more of an answerer. XD
Question limits do play a role here though. I don’t have a question in mind all the time. So in case something does pop up, I’d rather save the three questions per day in case I suddenly need them.

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So I just did my stats (for fun):

Start Date: 5/11/2008
Questions Asked: 36 (.6%)
Questions Answered: 5,929 (99.4%)

Overwhelmingly…an answerer. :^/

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1.5% questions.

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I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing, but I’ve been leery of starting threads. Long long ago, I was a regular on a site people who asked questions getting blasted if they asked something that had EVER been asked before. Most people who dared to start a thread would get links to some 2 – 3 year old question with. “USE THE SEARCH ENGINE, YOU MORON!” as an answer. Oddly enough, this site hated thread necros as well , so you were pretty much hosed if you needed info.

Even though I’ve never been to a site that strict ever since, I still would rather add to a thread than start one of my own. Fluther has made me a little more brave, but I still have a thing against too many questions.

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