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(NFSW) Ever have a man "baby-talk" when he wants physical intimacy?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11266points) May 8th, 2011

(I was asked to modify my question. If I offended someone, I apologize. I thought using the word “sex” was okay. Anyway, here is the amended version.)

Okay…I actually find this very, very, very, very unsexy. I put this up there with extremely bad breath when attempting to seduce a woman. I am talking about….

A man who, instead of taking a woman by the hand and leading her to the boudoir, or carrying her up the stairs, or kissing her until they stumble quickly to the bed…instead…stands next to her and says in a baby-voice (while raising his eyebrows up and down like Groucho Marx): It’s time for beddy-byes. (Then adds a giggle and a grin.)

Am I the only one who finds his unbelievably not at all…well…alluring?

Ever had a man do this? Or is this just a British thing? (This sort of cute-sy, wute-sy stuff?) It’s one thing when your guy normally is a great lover and he is kidding around with you and you are in a playful silly mood….but all the time?

And don’t worry, this was a long time ago. And this person was in his 4o’s! But I was thinking about this when I read the “kissing question” of yesterday….and how that was a deal-breaker for me. It’s hard to summon your inner Aphrodite when Groucho is wiggling his eyebrows at you and talking like a three year old! I kept thinking, “Will I have to read _The Little Engine that Could_first?”

(Of course, the art of seduction will excuse unbrushed teeth when unbridled passion takes over in some spontaneous expression…I’m not talking about that.)

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No, I’ve never heard that or tried it, but I had to say how much I liked cute-sy wute-sy.

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Aw…Schmoopie…Are you my Schmoopie?

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That reminds me of that Sex in the City episode when the guy referred to Samantha’s boobs as “titty wittys” or something equally silly. Baby talk would drive me nuts and not in a good way. I want my man to be… manly!!

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Only on sitcoms and even then I don’t watch it for that.. I find it infantile and would never assume that my lady would dig it. I also do not talk baby talk to my my young ones..

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That is insanely creepy..

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How repulsive! That would be not just a mood-ender but a relationship deal-breaker. Ugh!

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That sounds more like an unusual fetish than a guy thing.

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There is a fetish where you need to pretend you’re an infant to get off, I think. Something along those lines, anyway..

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Yes, but my heterosexuality made it easy for me to say “Not just no, but Hell No!”.

The truth is that some people had odd turn-ons or fetishes, some of people project those onto others thinking that they share the same kink, and some people put up with that for whatever reason (kids, money, false sense of security…). If you don’t like it, let him know. Don’t slap him though; he might like that.

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As a a man i can’t imagine doing anything like that. Creepy and very un-sexy.

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If my SO did that, he’d have to settle for a cold shower that day, and a new girlfriend in the long run, if he didn’t drop his baby-talk ways.

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No, that would be a major turn-off for me.

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I had never heard of such a thing until I read your question just now. How very peculiar. Sounds like a guy who isn’t sure he will get what he wants. If he isn’t sure, then he shouldn’t ask, I think.

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@noelleptc…...It’s past tense (long time ago) and honestly, I don’t know if he was the baby or I was.

I think it was more as if he was the kid, “This is so naughty and now let’s go have (relations)*” . Which frankly to me, was fairly horrid.

There was a sense of embarrassment….and as if he talked “babytalk” and it was cutesy, it was okay.

And it was not… all…...okay.

Thanks for all the “ewwws” and “Yucks”....that’s how I felt, too.

Lurve on its way…!

*relations——had to put this word in…didn’t want to get modded.

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