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How much planning do you put into questions and answers here?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) May 8th, 2011

I know I don’t plan at all. I just write and whatever comes out—I just hit answer. It’s pretty much the same with questions. I’ll have a question in mind and I’ll write it as I think it. Especially the details.

The second part of this question is about what kind of planner/preparer you are in life. Do you always carefully plan vacations or work or whatever? Or do you just improvise everything as you go along?

I do both. I like to both know where I’m headed, but I also don’t want to be bound to the plan. I want to be free to change things as I go along. What about you?

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I surf Fluther like I surf through life; “If we had a plan, we’d be screwed!”.

The way I see it, doing anything other than “stream of consciousness” is dishonest, and I am too honest to abide. What you read is what I think, fucks, shits,, and all. The only real planning I do is spell-checking.

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Not much, If I had to think I would probably get brain lock, or something.

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Indeed I ask without waiting for a particular answer [ if I want that I can ask my friends whom I know how they think ^^ ]

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About 75% percent of my answers are written and never posted. And in real life I barely plan. When I went to Europe I made it up as I went along. But I like sleeping in parks.

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I try to pick up on the way the question is presented so that the response can be revelent to the asker, for this reason I can’t easily catch humor when it appears. I then give my opinion as I see it, sometimes from word to word. I know what I want to say but don’t know how to write it until it’s written.. Sometimes I overdo editing but that’s a writers bain.

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Spontaneity is king in my world, both under the terms of your question & to a large degree in the outside world. Basically it’s a case of throwing the dice & see what comes up.
@wundayatta Didn’t you mention a while back that you have a load of questions written on pieces of paper & you pick one at random from a bowl?

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Never plan. Off the cuff responses in 99.99% of cases. Sometimes I see questions I would like to answer but if I need to think about the response, I usually never make it back there.

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I rarely plan what I’m going to do on Fluther. The exceptions are when I’ve hit my limit of 3 questions for the day, and I still have a question to ask. I’ll write it down for the next day.

My life as a whole is not terribly planned out except for the play rehearsals and picking up kids and going here and there and…

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On Fluther there is no planning. Read, answer, run.
Real life, I am both. It all depends on what it is. I am very spontaneous, so there is little time for planning there. Other things I plan out but not to painful levels.
I usually just deal with life as it comes and plan on the big stuff.
Most of it is instinct and my gut is usually right.

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I’ve trying to go the route of both. With planning and not & very very few questions work out for me. Answers are also misunderstood. I must be a complete train wreck at explaining myself, period. Maybe that’s why I always pissed off my ex’s when they asked me what I was thinking.

oh yea, this wasn’t planned. I just wrote & like @jerv said, Spell check.

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I’m with @blueiiznh I’m with you, read – answer – move on.

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I don’t plan much, certainly not on Fluther. The only time I make meticulous plans is if I have a particular appointment I must attend which involves travelling, I’m pretty careful when it comes to planning those (if ony because I can save £50 to £100 on a train fare to London by booking it far enough in advance).

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I don’t plan, exactly, but I’m a big reviser. If a question or answer is more than a couple of sentences long, you can be sure I’ve edited it at least once before posting it.

In general, I’m not a huge planner in life, either. I plan only those things that absolutely need a plan, and take the rest as it comes. I wish I were better at planning… maybe I’d get more done.

I edited this answer once before posting it. ;)

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On Fluther, my answers are completely unplanned. I write what comes into my head and I rarely re-read or revise. When it comes to questions, though, I plan and consider them so thoroughly that in almost three years only fourteen of them have made it through my own mental screening process and actually been asked.

In life, I can’t deal with no plan but I handle detailed plans even more poorly. I have flexible guidelines at all times, or else I just can’t function. (Not that I function all that well even then, but… WHATEVS.)

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Sometimes it’s fun to just “fly by the seat of your pants,” but most of the time it pays to plan ahead inasmuch as it’s possible to do so. Sometimes a question will just hit me out of the blue and I ask it mostly out of curiosity. Sometimes I will work on wording and intent very carefully. Just depends upon the subject and my mood, I guess. : )

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In real life I have to have everything planned to a T, have to know exactly what I’m getting myself into, before I do anything. On Fluther, I just type and post. For answers, that is. The questions are usually things I kick around in my head for a while before posting. Some subjects I have pre-formed and even partially pre-articulated opinions on, so in that sense I am sometimes using a “planned out” response.

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Fucking lots.

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I compose answers here about like I would carry on a face-to-face conversation. Yes, I do self-censor to some extent and think for a moment before I talk. As far as in life, about the same. I have a basic plan of what I want to do in life, but it is always open to instant re-evaluation.

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Not too much. More for questions, seeing as I tend to not ask too many.

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I pretty much type out my answer, then edit as necessary. That’s how I write papers too.

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I don’t plan, I just write it as it comes out. I do revise it a lot though, to make sure it’s coherent lol, and to fix spelling mistakes. If it’s a really technical question though, I will plan ahead, to make sure I formulate the question properly in order to get the specific answers I need. But for stuff like that, I usually look stuff up online first.
No planning, I like to let it flow, but sometimes it gets out of control…I don’t remember what the question was, but in the details of one I asked I ended up writing a poem about Michael Myers. That happens to me in answers a lot too, writing some weird ass answer that should probbaly be modded for random assery. XD

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I ask questions about the things I am curious about.No real planning of any kind.
As for answering,I usually do that off the cuff unless it is of a political nature.Those questions always seem to need references & explanations… sighs ;)
I have to plan sometimes but I am a spontaneous person.

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My questions are often inspired by beer :-p

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Considering that I’ve asked significantly fewer questions than others with similar lurve and time spent here, I think I carefully plan those. Sometimes I’ll build up comments and work on and revise them for hours, if it’s a really interesting debate going on and I want to get it just right.

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