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Is it possible to bruise your bone?

Asked by AshLeigh (16340points) October 13th, 2011

I punched the wall today. It hurts really bad.
I don’t see a bruise, but it feels like my bone is bruised.
I’m sure it’s not broken… Haha.

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Humor? Zombies? Girl, you have serious medical issues, don’t you? Or maybe not-so-serious, I guess.

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Yes, kinda, it is a misnomer and it isn’t actually like bruised skin, it’s slightly different and it is called periosteal

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There is no medical way for a Zombie to bruise a bone.

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Right zombies don’t bleed.

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So I take it you two came in together? LOL

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I could be a special kind of Zombie…
Also… Freaking owwww. Never punch a wall. It’s a bad idea. XD
My knuckle is gonna die. XD

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@CWOTUS….... I might. ;)
Maybe there was a zombie there when I punched the wall, and he thought it was hilarious….


I bruised my tailbone when I hit a big ice bump while toboganning down a hill once. It was sore for about a week, and I had trouble sitting.

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Only a week?
Well that’s good news. :)

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You can bruise your funny bone. It’s no laughing matter…

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Albert… I always laugh when I hit my funny bone. It hurts so bad that it’s funny. :)

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Yes ! (but technically a periosteal per @GabrielsLamb) I smacked a shin on an underwater stone once and the skin healed quickly but under that was a half-tennis-ball sized swelling that took months to go down.

Punching a wall… you could have bruised or broken cartilage in your knuckles too.
Get some proper boxing gloves why not ?

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@dabbler, I don’t intend to do it again! Haha.

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