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How is Red Hook (Brooklyn NYC) these days?

Asked by CaptMatt (32points) May 8th, 2011

The last time I lived in NY and travelled to Brooklyn, Red Hook had just come off of the very damaging article by LIFE, citing it as “The Crack Capital of America.” Not to mention one of the worst neighborhoods.

Now that I’m putting together a plan to relocate, this time to the city, I see that quite a bit of revitilization has occurred, and the images on GoogleMaps suggest that Red Hook is as attractive and pleasing as anything in Midtown.

I was wondering if anyone could give me the rundown?

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There’s an IKEA and a fancy food store (Fairway) in the neighborhood now, and a lot of restaurants and shops. It’s been gentrified to a great extent. The main problem remains that of decent public transportation. There’s buses, but no subways until Carroll Street or Smith and 9th Street F and G train stops in Carroll Gardens, which is about ¾ mile to the east of Red Hook proper.

It’s a lot quieter and the apartment square footage is also larger that what you’d get in midtown.

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“Red Hook is as attractive and pleasing as anything in Midtown” heh heh heh heh heh heh !! Sorry, I don’t know what you’ve noticed about midtown but approximately none of what’s attractive about midtown exists in or near Red Hook, except running water and electricity.
It is less dangerous than it used to be and has a lot more renovated pleasant living spaces.

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