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How often do you go to follow someone, only to learn that you already are?

Asked by everephebe (11591points) May 9th, 2011

I’ll love & lurve someone’s post so much that I immediately click to go to their page, with the purpose of following them, only to find that I am already.

Tell me I’m not the only one to do this.

I do this probably once every other couple of days.

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Yeah, I do that a lot. I think it’s mostly because I follow most of the people who follow me, and I don’t really pay attention to what I’m doing sometimes.

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Nope you and @KatetheGreat are the only ones.
The rest of us have memories like a steel trap.

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All the time…although there are those who I know I am already following…

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I often have the opposite problem- I just KNOW I’m following someone already and then I find out I’m not.

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Only joking. I think everyone does it, only I don’t think I do it that often. I usually think I’m already following someone and find out down the road that I’m not. I don’t check it too often.

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It’s happened to me only a few times.

Interestingly enough, I forgot I’d followed @everephebe until I saw this question in the “From People You Follow” list.

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Often :)

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I’m so old and senile I follow myself occasionally.

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It happens regularly but not often; but I also, just as frequently, find out that I am not following someone I thought I had been following for ages.

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