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You're invited to a party at The Mansion: : Who do you see and what goes on at the party?

Asked by jca (36002points) May 9th, 2011

You are invited to a party at The Mansion. You put on your best party clothes and head on up. Who do you see at the party? What goes on at this party?

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I see tons and tons of naked people. And they’re dancing.

But a few of them are eating pancakes.

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I just sit in my room there sulking and playing minecraft.

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Er…@erichw1504 is making corny jokes…@wundayatta is giving heartfelt advice in great depth…

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The Jelly band is playing out near the beach.

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Doritos dust in serving bowls and half empty Corona bottles every where!!!

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I’m pulling @dverhey out of his room to join me in dancing The Hustle.

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No time for that! You spineless worms! You sit by your sick and dying fire, pretending it’s all alright! But I have a zombie invasion to prepare for! And it’s gonna happen!
I didn’t put on my best clothes, I strapped myself with ammo and two by fours, and a nailin’ I will go. Machetes and firearms ready, Imma rev the chainsaw, and I protect you all, because someone needs to do it.

So anyway, where’s the beer at up in this bitch?

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I’m sitting on my balcony with a glass of wine enjoying the view and the calming sea. Aaahhhh!

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Coloma is chasing a goose while eating brownies. What’s up with that?

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@Vunnessah and @Blueroses are… oops that’s XXX rated. Can someone close those curtains across that part of the room.

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Hee hee @Bellatrix Thanks for that one.
It still leaves @Symbeline‘s question; where’s the beer? And @Cruiser, who the heck is going around only drinking half? That’s just wasteful.

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@KatetheGreat Lay off the weed a bit; you aren’t in the mansion and you don’t see anything there (6K).

I, personally, have never been so I won’t guesstimate. I bet there are frizzers full of leather whips.

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@zen Kate, Bellatrix, yankeetooter and I gate-crashed. Gotta problem with that?

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What – no invitation?

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@zen boobs ain’t just for nursing

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There. Now you’ve done it. You’ve gone and said “boobs” to @zen

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Now I’m confused. Boobs – what a wonderful concept. What was the question? Who cares.

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No questions asked.

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What happens in The Mansion, stays in The Mansion. Zips lips.

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Lots & lots of confused people in a state of mild hysteria. Wandering aimlessly about the place bumping into walls & shit Taxi! Only kidding, i’d bring my own fast getaway car ;¬}

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Nekked pancake fights.

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Yarn fights and squirrels in the frizzer.

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Barack Obama playing PlayStation.

Blueroses's avatar

Barack Obama has XBox, duh.

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Yeah, at least XBox Live isn’t down like the damn PSN.

BUT ALL THIS WON’T SAVE US FROM ZOMBIES! Quick, everyone grab a hard, bludgeoning object!

Zen, get your hand out of your pants. :p

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I see Kate, Blueroses, Vunessuh, Symbeline, and my other favorite scrumptious jellies. They’re all naked and waiting for me to bring in the chocolate fountain. We’re going to play in the chocolate fountain. Naked. Aaaaall niiiiiight.

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It’s gonna be so awesome that even the zombies are gonna want to watch.

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Mama told me not to come…

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