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What does it mean for a woman to put a man "on edge"?

Asked by naresh28 (267points) May 10th, 2011

this is the first time i am hearing this expression. Have anyone heard this before?

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Making him very nervous. Like being “on the edge of a cliff.”

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Yes. Putting anyone on edge means to make him or her nervous. tense, anxious,or edgy. This was easy.

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I’ve also seen it used (in female-male contexts) that she’s so attractive and intriguing that he gets nervous, fidgety and out of breath.

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It is, traditionally, a gender-neutral expression and not a synonym for “breathless.”

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It’s not a synonym for breathless, I agree, but when used in male-female contexts, the connotation can shift.

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Ah, so I’m guessing that somehow you’ve found out something about these people you discuss here. Or that someone else has mentioned this to you as a possibility. Like @gailcalled, I have heard it as a gender-neutral expression. There’s another term for what @linguaphile mentioned, though I can’t think of it. Sexual tension, but that’s not the word(s) I am looking for.

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Drive him nuts! :)

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@tedibear: please forget about those people. I have left that subject. this is something entirely different.

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I think I might have heard it used in a sexual context. Is that the context?

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means she makes him about to snap

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Yes, having someone “on edge” is not considered a good thing…

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Putting someone “on edge” is to make them feel nervous and anxious and tense and awful. And possibly angry and irritated and disgusted and mad. And even scared.

It’s not good.

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When they say they are only going to be 10 minutes! ;)

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Assisted suicide?

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Nervous, tense, snappy. Not a good thing.

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To put someone on edge means you are making them uncomfortable.
As @downtide said,it isn’t a good thing.

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I’ll add a bit here. I mostly use that expression ” edge of a knife ” And indeed it’s really tense.

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It means tense, uncomfortable, nervous. It’s negative thing. It makes you want to get away from whoever is making you feel that way.

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on the edge is better than walking on egg shells.
Both not a good feeling of anxiety.

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It’s not a good thing. It means the woman is a pain in the ass.

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The eggshells are sharp underfoot.

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