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How do you calculate all possible combinations of 6 numbers and letters?

Asked by DrewJ (436points) May 10th, 2011

I need to know how one would go about calculated how many different combinations of 6 characters can be created using numbers 0–9 and letters a-z

Example: 123abc, be84mg, 4920gh, 94mfh1,995ggb

There is no rule to how many of the characters have to be numbers or letters. Also, numbers and letters can be used multiple times in each combination there can even be combinations that read, “666666” or “cccccc.”

Is there an equation for this?

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my guess is, based on faint memories from math class, 36^6, ergo 2176782336

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I’m not 100% sure but I think it can be solved by multiplying 36 by 6. If each slot can be filled with one letter of the alphabet and number that gives a total of 36 different possibilities per slot. Since there can be repeating numbers you multiply it six times.

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these are both correct, and I am sure

the formula is (number of placeholders) ^ (number of spaces)

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@ragingloli and @DrBill are both right. You have a total of 36 choices for each space. So that’s 36 choices for the first space, times 36 choices for the second space, etc. up to 6 spaces. That’s 36*36*36*36*36*36 or 36^6.

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It looks like you might be making a key string of some sort. This is called Base 36 encoding and is a very useful tool for database keys and unique URLs.

If not, there’s some extra information for you. :)

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Are you llooking for a definition of permutations?

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