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Will your next new car be foreign or domestic?

Asked by robmandu (21285points) April 23rd, 2008

Purposely worded this Q for any locale.

And why? And how do you interpret “foreign” and “domestic” in terms of an automobile’s origin?

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In my case, whatever is the most green that I can afford.

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Hahahahaha, andrew, good luck on the 2 million dollars that it currently costs to get one. ;P

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I just bought my next car back in feb. I went from a domestic 2000 F-150 to a foreign Scion Tc. I’m saving cash by the wheel barrow full on gasoline. Ok, maybe not that much, but quite a bit anyways.

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Did you know that Honda uses more american parts than Ford? This being said, I’ll probably go foreign.

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I’ve got two of them planned; A 1967 Volvo 122S wagon, and another Subaru wagon.

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@Delirium: The 2009 roadster is $119,000 plus a $60,000 refundable membership fee.

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They were talking about the one that he has made now on a show I was watching on PBS last night. They said it was 2 million.

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I’m currently researching for a new car. I’m considering the Ford Escape Hybrid or a Nissah Rogue. There are still about 5 I want to test drive & I’ve already test driven about 5. I currently drive a Miata & my husband wants me in something bigger (safer).

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definitely nissan, toyota, Honda, and subaru are going to be top on my list. I’ve heard too many horror stories about domestics to take the chance.

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@heyu: what horror stories?
@luna: is there nothing larger than a miata that is less large than an suv? (those things are suv’s, right?)

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A miata is a very small sportscar.

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Are you talking to me eambos? If so, yes, I know a miata is a very small
sports car, thanks for mentioning it. Very pretty. Very small. Got it. So what?

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Sorry, just the way you worded the answer it sounded as if you thought a miata was the size of an SUV =X

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@susanc—they are small SUV or called crossovers. I’ve been looking at 4-door sedans but not much is appealing to me. I’m so gonna miss my little Miata (it’s my 2nd one) but my husband is feeling really strongly on this topic. So, I’m trying hard to find a car that works for both of us.

I also like the mini cooper but he still feels that is too small. He does’t want me in a muscle car, I already get enough speeding tickets. I’m torn!!

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One story, for example. Our dealership traded in a Pontiac g6. Only 24k miles and it should be in good condition right? Well come to find out the car needed a whole new rack and pinion steering. We didnt even fix it. Just sent it off to auction.

I’m not saying it doesn’t happen to foreign cars, but it happens a lot more OFTEN to domestics. Take it from a person who trades these things in all the time. I know what’s good and what’s not.

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Have to check out that Tesla @andrew
Seriously considering a Pontiac G8

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Luna, get a nice not-too-used. volvo. Have heyu check it out for you before you buy.
Your husband will be way happy! And they’re nice to drive!!

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ps Luna, sorry, my mistake I think.
pps nice that your husband wants you alive.

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susanc: yeah, I understand my husbands concern & it’s sweet. I was crunched between two semi’s during rush hour traffic & I think that’s what sent him over the edge. I just really prefer small cars & anything I like he doesn’t and vice-verse.

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@ Andrew, hope you’re free on Thursday.

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