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What is the best attire for a hip hop/rap concert?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6607points) May 12th, 2011

Ok, the deal is that I am going to my first ever concert with a big/huge hip hop/tap artist. Busta Rhymes is performing here next Tuesday and I am so excited since I am finishing my final exam tomorrow. There are all ages aloud to come so its gonna be full of people, hot teenage guys and older ones as well ;)
So yeah I want to look nice and pretty because I will try to sneak backstage and take some photos with Busta if I wont be thrown away because on the 19th is my birthday and that would mean a lot to me.
I am thinking wearing heels just because then I can actually see the stage you know ;)
What are your suggestions?

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Don’t wear heels or a skirt to any concert lol.

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Dress for comfort. Does standing on your feet for 2–4 hours while wearing heels really sound appealing?

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“Casual fly” would be good

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@Blackberry Hey what do you have in mind… whats that lol at the end ;)

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@FutureMemory Well, kinda because it makes me a little taller than i am

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@suzanna28 hahahahaha I lol at the toilet paper part ;) Thank you I will keep that in mind.

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So I guess we are leaning towards skinnies with some cute sneakers and top. Sounds good.
But what if I wear wedged, close heels?

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@nailpolishfanatic That should be fine. Just make sure your feet are comfy.

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@Facade I will ;)
thank you.

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