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Is there a meaning behind having a painful pimple just at the entrance of your ear canal?

Asked by naresh28 (267points) May 12th, 2011

Some people think there is some kind of meaning behind pimples appearing on our bodies. Has anyone heard anything about pimples in the ear? I mean like a large bump.

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Its there to cause you terrible pain…and thats all. :)

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It means your going to have an earful of goo when that baby pops.

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Do you use a Bluetooth or some kind of plug-in in your ear llike an Ipod or hold a cellphone up to your ear alot?

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Only138 has it right, I have had only one, and it was one @#%$*&!!!! pain

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i get that once in a while. I assumed it was from the waxy texture of the skin inside the ear.


In Chinese medicine, it usually means that there is “too much heat” in your system, too much “yin”, caused by eating too much fried foods, like potato chips and other processed junk food, BBQed meat and meat in general, and not enough “cool” or “yang” in your body. You need to eat more fruits and vegetables, like watermelon, lettuce, watercress, apples, grapes, and drink “cooling” beverages like chrysanthemum tea and beer.

Or it could be a staph infection. Sometimes the staph germ can cause painful boils, which resemble a pimple.

If it hurts and really bothers you, I’d get it checked out by your doctor.

It’s probably just a pimple, the kind we get all the time in other parts of our bodies.

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@MRSHINYSHOES could the “too much heat” in your system be from an external source like the phone or other device stuck in the ear canal, or does the yin have to be taken in as nourishment? I was just thinking that it could be caused by a phone pushed against the ear creating a damp, hot and dirty environment.

See a doctor is it doesn’t go away in a week or so or you have drainage and/or a fever @naresh28. Infection is serious.


@bkcunningham According to Chinese medicine, it’s from food or drink, taken as nourishment. The Ancient Chinese believed that there are certain foods (and drinks) that cause too much internal heat and inflammation, and other foods (and drinks) that cause a cooling or soothing effect. These foods and drinks aren’t necessarily “spicy” or “cold”. Examples of “heating foods and drinks” are peanuts, cured foods like sausages and beef jerky, lamb meat and most other meats, potato chips, whisky, coffee, and some fruits like mangos, persimmons, and mandarin oranges. “Cooling foods and drinks” include melons, cucumber, lettuce, most fruits, and drinks like tea (especially chrysanthemum tea), beer and plain water. Yes, beer!

I think an object like a phone pushed up against the ear and creating a hot, moist, germy environment would definitely cause an infection like a pimple or staph boil.

It’s important to clean your ears often and clean those earphones with antibacterial gel sanitizer.

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Those really, really suck.

Coming from a guy who has headphones in 60% of the day.

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@MRSHINYSHOES very interesting. I’m going to have to read about that. I’ve heard about it, but I’m really ignorant on the subject. Thank you for the enlightenment and sparking my interest. I’ll check out a book at the library to get started.

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l have heard the one that if your palm is itchy you are going to get a lot of money. Maybe it means that you are going to hear some good news – it makes sense, no?

These notions are all nonsense. I made the good news one up

The only thing it means is that you have an slight outer ear infection which will probably go away in a couple of days and won’t have any lasting effect.

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I’ve heard that that happens when someone has put a curse on you for ignoring their friendship.

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“Pimple on ear mean, refrain from sticking dick in lughole. Be it animal, human or made from plastic.” XD
I think it was Confucious who said that…...or was it Burl Ives? XD

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It means you got a pimple on your ear, and it hurts.

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Maybe it means you have been listening to an excessive amount of bullshit, and anything more than moderation will cause discomfort.

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