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How did you meet the one you love?

Asked by Chongalicious (2761points) April 11th, 2010

I’ve found other questions about meeting best friends and such, but I did not find one like this. Even if there is one, I’d like more current input, as there are many new users now.

So I want to know all about the way you found your loved one :) How did it all begin? Where did it take place? What were the first impressions? Who made the first move? Did the outcome match your expectations? And any other details you’d like to throw in there :D

One example is the way my Spanish teacher met her husband, Marcelo. She was studying abroad in Chile, and decided to take up Salsa classes while there. He was at one of her classes, there was an instant chemistry, as she recalls. I swear her life story is Dirty Dancing, Havana Nights ..well, minus the revolution, etc. lol She and him are married now and have two adorable children living back here in the United States!

So, how did you meet yours?

Even if you haven’t found somebody to love yet, I’d like to hear what you imagine it would be like, or even the story of how you did meet someone pretty amazing!

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We met on a blind date. My best friend was going with his best friend, so it was natural for them to introduce us. I was 17, he was 22. That was it. Te rest, as they say, is history. Come June, that’ll be 45 years ago. Good God!

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craigslist rideshare from denver to pittsburgh. i needed a ride. my friend in denver dropped me and my other friend at the Bass Pro Shop parking lot along the interstate. He was a half hour late to pick us up and as soon as he got out of the car without shoes on I thought he was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. I visited him 4 months later and moved here 2 months after that. I’ve never been more in love and I can’t imagine ever being.

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@deni lol “without shoes on” wtf =P

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Great answers :) Here goes my story!

I met mine last year when my friend Jocelyn and I were… cough skipping lunches cough hehe well my first impression was “Wow, he is really good looking but damn he talks alot!” :P He later told me his first impression he thought I was bisexual but he wanted to talk to me, yet was too shy o.O Hah…well when Jocelyn told me that he was a friend of mine’s little brother, I decided to go “Hey, your little bro is hot!” But just to annoy her! She went back to him and told him that..but nothing happened as we both thought the other was out of our league.

We didn’t talk again for months until late that summer Jocelyn brought him to the pool with us and we became good friends from there as I gave him advice on the relationship he was in at the time xD Needless to say that didn’t work out. We began dating that November when his sister forced him to stop being shy and just ask me out already!

It’s crazy and neither of us ever expected it to turn out this way, but we’re sure glad it did :D

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My wife is deaf. Her first husband made her return a hearing dog to the SPCA. While coming home on the local subway, I saw her crying, and tryed to console her. She brushed me off.
3 years later, when she was seperated from her husband, we met again in a bar. She was with this drug addict/biker. I talked to her for a moment, and asked her if she was happy with him, but she said she was (she wasn’t).
1 year later, a friend introduced us at a BBQ. She was very interested, and we have been together since.

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@whyigottajoin yeah, lol, i was like huh? and then the first thing he said to me after we introduced ourselves was “i drive without shoes on, but i swear thats my only dirty hippie thing”

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@filmfann Wow, you were absolutely meant to be with her! I mean, how many times do you accidently run into the same person like that? Great story.

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Hitching around England one summer with a friend, we were trying to leave one town. She was on th lefthand fork in the road, and I was on the right. Hubby to be and his friends stopped to pick her up and I came over. The rest – as they say – is history.

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I saw a damsel in distress who had lost one of her favorite CD’s of which I thought I was the only living human who like that music…I offered to burn her a copy of mine and a lifelong friendship was born! Having similar interests in obscure elements of life go a long way to finding that person who was meant to share this precious and short time we have to live and live it to it’s fullest. ;)

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We first met around 6 years ago at a free poker game. I blew him off. We’d see each other around, and I always thought he was a nice guy.
About 3 years later he joined my regular weekly game right as a big group of us were planning a Vegas vacation. He said he wasn’t going to go because he’s a newbie and didn’t want to intrude. I told him he should go, and offered that he could stay with me and the guy I was going to share a room with. He went, and we were inseparable, but platonic, the entire trip.
We talked about the type of girl he likes, and the type of guy I like, and neither of us fit each others’ ideal. We’ve been together pretty much ever since. :)

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Ours was a work based affair, an enduring classic as it’s turned out.

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@Cruiser Here is where you need to tell us what that cd was, so we can make fun of you.

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We met in college, in English lit class. After graduation day, we went our separate ways. But, coincidentally enough, my friend Jill wanted to set me up on a blind date, 4 years since graduation. We met, and realized that we knew each other, caught up, and before we knew it, we got married! 20 years of marriage and we’re still going strong!

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@mollypop51797 That’s very sweet :) Did you ever date him in college?

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4th of July, 2005. I was at a friend’s party, chasing her kids around the house, and I heard someone playing Fleetwood Mac on guitar. I investigated, found the guy playing, sat down and talked music for about six hours. That started our acquaintanceship.

Same friend’s house, Super Bowl party six months later. Football sucks, but usually I like the halftime show. It was the Rolling Stones. I hate the Stones. I organised a board game instead. He joined the game. We talked and played and talked more until, oh, three in the morning or so. He asked for my email. We emailed back and forth for about a week. I asked him to come with me to the Renaissance Festival. He did. We got along swimmingly. We’ve been together ever since.

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I was going to college in central California, spending too much time at the beach and not enough time in class, so my father quit footing the bill. It was too expensive for me on my own, so I moved back to Illinois to be with my family.

A few days before I moved back to Illinois I called my good friend Scott to let him know. Scott’s roommate Jon answered the phone. I had never spoken to Jon before, but we ended up talking for a minute or two, and I had this strange (but good) feeling when we spoke. I went to visit Scott the day after I returned to Illinois. When I walked into his apartment, Jon was playing a video game and turn around to look at me and say hi. I can’t describe the feeling I had, but looking back now I can say that it was love at first sight.

We just celebrated our 18th anniversary.

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@jonsblond That’s adorable :)))

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@chyna It was Joe’s Garage by Frank Zappa…only one person ever made fun of that cd and he deeply regrets his lapse in common sense! ;)

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@Cruiser Bonding over Zappa – how cool! My husband first kissed me when we were dancing to “Weasels Ripped My Flesh.”

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“Don’t eat the yellow snow” Love Zappa!

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“Call any vegetable, call it by name…”

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…Walked into the music store and she was sitting there, looking so proud, so beautiful, so completely relaxed and totally aware of what was happening. As i approached, she purred gently saying something, and as i reached out to touch her she reacted and moved suddenly to swat my hand away. As gentle as she was i knew that i had violated her space and apologized immediately, as she gave me a dirty look.
Still, i knew it was love at first sight, and i would often come back to see if she was around.
She always liked to sit at a window seat in the sun and enjoy the warmth.
of the morning sun. So one morning i sat down beside her to express my love, and besides she was just so beautiful i couldn’t resist, then , it wasn’t so much what she said but how she said it because i could recognize the emotional content….
somehow we had found each other.
....,so the short story is we actually lived together for 17 years after that.
she took such good care of me, what an angel, what a cat.

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I wrote him a parking ticket. He found me, tore it up, and handed it back to me. I looked him over, and said to myself, “I can use this!” So I voided his ticket. Nine months later we were married. This June we will have been married 33 years.

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@snowberry Mrs. officer! Now that’s a story worth telling :D

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We both belonged to the same social club and were attending a regional conference.

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LOL, yep. And we tell it alot. The story gets better. Six weeks before the wedding I had surgery My scar was about 9 inches long across my abdomen. When I woke up the Muppet Show was on TV, and my fiancee was watching. It was such a funny episode, I ended up laughing which quickly turned to crying because it hurt so badly.

Six weeks after the wedding my new husband had stomach surgery. I turned on the TV while I was waiting for him to wake up and…You guessed it. He woke up just in time for that exact same episode on the same show. This time he laughed until he cried.

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It’s Fluther’s fault. No really.. It is.

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@chels You are so cute!

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I haven’t

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@janbb Thank you.
It’s true though. He is amazing and we’ve come a long way from this. :)

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i was at a college band party and there was a crazy tall guy outside by the pool. I was hooked. Still one of my closest friends today….30 years later.

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I was looking for someone that I once knew from school to reconnect and I saw my girlfriend’s profile on MySpace. We started talking because we both loved to watch anime and that e mail i sent her was the best decision I have ever made. She turned out to be the love of my life and we are very happy together. :) Love will show up when u least expect it.

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I just love this question.

2nd June 2007, I started a new job. He walked out in, I though wow, he is just gorgeous. I tried to make small talk with him, but I couldn’t speak. He didn’t seem interested and I never expected him to be, he was way too good for me. The after work he would come and speak to me. I asked for his number, and practically started texting him straight away. I couldn’t believe how well we got on, and how much he made me laugh. There was a works night out about a week later, where we had our first kiss. After that, he said he nver wanted anything serious, he wasn’t interested in having a relationship. I couldn’t leave it, so I suggested we did casual for a while. He said ok, but never expect more that. People at work told me to not bother with him, because he will never be serious with me. That was nearly 3 years ago now, and we live together.

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@Dibley Thanks, and that’s beautiful :D Way to prove em wrong!

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@Likeradar nope. It came close, but we didn’t know each other well enough.

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