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What's a mood killer for you?

Asked by erichw1504 (26391points) May 13th, 2011

Given any situation that you may be in, what would be a major mood killer for you? What would really turn you off and cause you to completely lose all interest?

So pick a situation and discuss what would kill your mood.

Examples may include: watching a movie, listening to music, enjoying the great outdoors, having fun at a party, etc…

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Seeing a confrontation, especially if it escalates to yelling and physical stuff.

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Whenever I am in a good mood doing what I want to do my kids always seem to need a ride somewhere.

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In a social setting, when one starts complaining about their life in complete detail. Never giving room for others to interject or give anyone a chance to form an opinion. When the rant is over they bring it up and up and up. There is a time and a place for everything. Don’t rain on fun. In fact, fun should make this type of person feel better if they got their head out of their asses. MOOOD killer!

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Someone putting other people down or being critical of superficial things about people they know or strangers. You know those people who snidely knock what other people are wearing or how they act? I really dislike that sort of catty behaviour. Also, people behaving in a racist or homophobic manner. I don’t want to be around racists or homophobes.

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Starting a new job full of excitement, then having a slow and boring first day.

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A noxious smell. Either gas or perfume. No matter what I am doing, I need to be able to breathe.

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I’m with being in a social setting, a party, or whatever and having to listen to someones whining about their personal issues. Jeez….can’t you just LET IT GO for a few freakin’ hours?
If you can’t show up in a good mood and have fun, and your stuff is so heavy that you drag it around with you like a ball and chain…then just stay home! lol

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Grown men who act like kids, and crave attention.

Chubby lost

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When eating I hate loud music. I don’t find it romantic to have a violinist come by the side of my table, I find it annoying.

Someone who is overly critical of others.

When someone is very withdrawn and does not smile in a social setting, who doesn’t do anything to contribute to the conversation.

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When going out in a group, someone who frequently pulls out her compact for a mirror check. And anyone who uses a very loud ringtone. Quite annoying.

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Someone keeps burping or chewing with mouth open/chewing while talking.

Sloppy drunkeness.

Someone in the group who keeps nodding off.

Celly keeps going off. It doesn’t seem to matter whether or not the person answers or not, just the damned alert going off breaks the face-to-face nowness.

Overhearing others hee-haw laughing close by, loud enough I forget my train of thought.

Unattended children coming up and hanging out, kind of like beggars.

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A Natural Disaster would be tops on my list.

Tough to concentrate during those….

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When my pistol stops running in the middle of a stage and I have to clear a malfunction, worse if it happens more than once. And everyone is watching. Resisting urge to throw pistol at target.

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When I cook a meal for someone and they don’t like it.

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If I was on the receiving end of a fantastic lapdance from a gorgeous sexy girl & my grandma walked in & told me I was a naughty boy. Instant erection killer…..:¬(

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@ucme Grandma went to strip joints? That is way cool. What would kill my lapdance would be finding out the dancer was a tranny :/

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@woodcutter Well it supplemented her income you know. It’s a living ;¬}

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@ucme I’d definitely make my visits there on her nights off then :p

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Oh she only does “special guests” anyway. You couldn’t afford her :P

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@ucme Which bar is this now?

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@woodcutter Granny Trannies Strip Club & Bar.

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@erichw1504 I am so there ;)

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@woodcutter Let’s carpool.

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Nah, granny’s all woman. She’s a bit short sighted though. Bless, someone said poledance & well…..

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OMG look at the guns on that’n.

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When I make a mistake or discover that I was wrong about something. I beat myself up pretty good for a while, learn from it and then move on.

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Usually a loud stale fart will spoil any kind of mood. Especially in those quiet moments where there can be no doubt who the farter is

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Trying to have a conversation with somebody who spends the whole time composing his/her next remark without hearing me at all. Those people need to go talk at a mirror.

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A crying baby. So my mum complains says.
For me, someone burping or farting opposite me when enjoying my meal. I completely lose my appetite : /

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@queenie: Mine’s a coin toss between crying baby and gas powered leaf blower.

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Orange Prison Pants

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@blueiiznh wearing orange prison pants (down at his ankles).

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Some of these answers are pretty gross. Mine will be a lot cleaner, I hope.

There are many stituations for a mood change. In the bedroom, on the street, or in a car.

In a car: I can be in the best mood, while driving my car, and my wife will tell me I am going two miles over the posted speed limit. I instantly see red. Especially, when other cars are passing me at 80 plus mph. I politely look over at her and say, “I will gladly pull over and let you drive”. She then only says. “never mind”.

Not in my whole police career have I ever issued a traffic citation for a person driving two miles per hour over the speed limit.

Wonder why she does this?

Mood killer…...............

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