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Can you show me something new, interesting, cool or unique?

Asked by Cruiser (40401points) May 13th, 2011

I just found this site that shows the entire night sky in one seamless picture.

This amateur photographer went around the world taking night sky photos and stitched together 37,440 exposures for a pretty incredible feat and photo. The zoom feature is way cool!! I wish I had a big screen monitor and UCME…no,I do not want to see THAT!!

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@erichw1504 Well there goes my afternoon!! LOL! I love the sound

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A guy spent 35 years building the most amazing toothpick sculpture I think we’ll ever see.


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@Neurotic_David 35 years!! That’s crazy! I bet he is going insane now not having to glue any more toothpicks on there!

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Go here and you’re bound to find some interesting stuff: StumbleUpon.

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Google Fight, unfortunately Charlie Sheen is winning!

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@Cruiser This is amazing! I’m going to masturbate to this!

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Here’s some superfly tnt cool shit! I think it’s awesome anyway.

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I guess @lucillelucillelucille CAN KMA! :(

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Tomb Trapper game is fun but can be exasperating.

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Looks like he also got killed off on the internets!

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@Cruiser—Funny how I can’t get in there to make a fight….don’t be afraid,I won’t make you cccccc…cry this time as long as you don’t pull my hair again.—XD

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@Cruiser Thanks for posting the link! Love this space stuff! I’ll visit the page while listening to the music theme to Superman!

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I can lose hours/days on this entire site but I especially love the American nostalgia sections like these postcards from the road.

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Thanks that was cool:)

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