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On a scale ranging from 0 to 10 how much others can rely on you ?

Asked by Hibernate (9050points) May 13th, 2011

The scale :
0 – no reliability
10 – a very reliable person

Are you a trustworthy person ?

Do you keep your promises ?

Is your given word enough ?

Can others rely on you ?

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I’ll start.

I’m about a 3…

I sometimes forget that I promised to help others.
Sometimes I mislead them into thinking that I will help.
Sometimes I do it on purpose [ the not helping ]

I really need to improve this in the future.

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10 I hate letting other people down in any way.

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I’m only there for people I really like and for work purposes. I don’t like feeling obligated to anyone, so I try to limit that feeling.

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Well, for memory related things, about a 2. I have a terrible memory for remembering to do things. Not to remember certain things, but just remembering at certain times. Other than that, I keep promises and am very trustworthy I think. I’d say 10 for that.

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I never make a promise that I can’t keep, unless the sky falls in.

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Yes. My integrity and being impeccable with my word is very important to me.
This does not mean that sometimes things change, but as far as being a flake, absolutely not.
If I SAY I WILL do something, call you, etc. You can count on me, short of an unforseen accident! lol

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With my family, friends & at work i’m a super dooper, earth shattering 11.
It makes me feel all squidgy inside XD

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I’m easily distracted by boobs.

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10-reliable, trustworthy, probable too honest, what you see is what you get whether its a yes or no either way its meant with good intent, they know where they stand.

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10 definitely. In big matters, I would not agree to do anything I was not sure I could deliver. Like giving a brother 50T so he could go to school as promised. In smaller matters though, I may waver a bit like if I say I’ll bring beer in a party, I might end up pulling out a Jack Daniel’s instead.

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9. I’m reliable, as long as I’m capable, which varies.

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10 I’ll do all I can to keep your secrets. Think of me…as a diary…A walking diary…lets go with that.

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My intentions are always good and I am extremely good at secrets and trust is never an issue but I have a retarded time keeping ability. (don’t expect me to turn up at the right time)

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10. My manager even told me that yesterday when he handed me a new project (“I’m giving you this project because I know it will be completed and on time”.
I do stretch myself out, but keep my promises, times and my word as gold.

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I’d say a 9. I hate letting other people down and don’t make promises I can’t keep. That being said, I have a family and if something happens to them, they come first, so I might have to delay getting done whatever it was I promised I would do in order to take care of family issues (like when my son busted his lip and needed stitches or when he broke his arm).

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I think I am quite reliable. I have heard this from friends and colleagues including my managers. So, I guess i am. Maybe i’d say 9.

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When I was younger? About a seven.

Now? About a ten.

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A 9…I keep 1 for myself.

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@johnpowell LOL
@mazingerz88 then you are a 9 if you can switch beer for JD. I know you said …in big matters…, but what constitutes big is subjective. The other day, I had a party and I assigned guests what to bring. I had it all planned based on my list and my aunt showed up with something else and didn’t bring what she was supposed to. Had I known she wasn’t bringing what I asked for, I would have gotten it myself. Her switching was very inconvenient for me.

I’d like to say I’m a 10 because that is my intention all the time, but let’s compromise and say I am a 9 for the sake of those occasions in which things outside my control work against me.

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If I commit to anything I give one hundred percent, be it to a person or task at hand…. I’m very reliable but I’m no mug……. :-/
I’ll say ‘8’.....

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A definite 10. If someone needs something done, I am the one they come to.

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A 9, I’d feel guilty not coming through for someone after saying I’ll do something (I can’t say a 10 because if something seems unbearable I could possibly back out) and as far as keeping secrets I’d say a 9. There are certain things I’ll take to the grave. I like to be a person someone can tell secrets to and know they won’t go any further. Some secrets are very destructive and should not be repeated.

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For my friends and family I would rate a 10. For everyone else I would rate at least an 8.

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I am trustworthy.Is that worth a 10?

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A 10. I’ll tell you if I can’t or don’t want to do something.

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I would say I am about an eight. I help my family with cleaning, yard work, grocery shopping, and going to the post office. I work behind a front deck in a hotel. I work the night shift so I stock supplies, sweep the floor behind the front deck area, vacuum the rugs in the front deck area, and get the arrivals ready for the next day. (Making the key cards and parking passes if the rooms are cleaned.) Every shift should do some cleaning, but not everybody who works behind the front deck cleans. Thank you, RTT

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10. Sometimes to my detriment.

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About a 7. I try my best but my memory sucks and sometimes I forget.

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@downtide If I were counting on you for something, that’s the last excuse I’d accept. Get a day planner, appoinment book or something. Set up an alarm on your cell phone..tie a string to your finger….or all of the above

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@Porifera I already do all of those things – except the string, because I would have no clue what I’d put it there for. Some things still slip through the cracks though, and I haven’t found a way round it, other than counting on other people to remind me.

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Definitley a 100% 10 on the scale.
I rarely make promises to someone and when I do, I always keep it. Usually, giving my word to a person is enough. All my friends and family members know they can depend on me.

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I think like an eight.

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Thanks for replies.

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