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How does one become a fortune teller ?

Asked by Hibernate (9068points) May 27th, 2011

I know there are people who can foresee a glimpse from the future but how does one get to ” I have to become a fortune teller” ?

Most of them are just a scam but why would one throw his money to them ? Don’t you people know that most of them take profit from your naivety ?

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People like soothsayers. It’s like a mix of made up crap with a hint of truth and it’s enough for people to throw their money at a person.

A lot of fortune tellers base their predictions off of a person’s appearance when they come in. They see if you appear to be well off, if you’re married, if you are sad. Basic body language tells.

With palm reading it might be easier to bull crap because not a lot of people can remember what is said and what lines mean what.

Tarot cards are harder to bullcrap because there is shuffling of cards and in this case there is chance. But if the person is unaware of tarot cards and their meanings, which is the case or they’d do a reading themselves, a person can easily say what they want. Now if you buy tarot cards or other oracle type items it will say on the box that they don’t tell the future but basically show your current problem, what led to it and what can happen if you continue onto the same path.

I believe anyone can really do this and it just takes practice on reading the cards. All readings do is help set a path for a person to follow or at least show one option. You can easily do that by talking to a person and telling them if you continue on this path, this will happen. You don’t need to be a psychic for that.

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Learn to lie.

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Although what @Ajulutsikael is right.
Some people are born with such abilities. But if you are born without them you can still pursue to be a ‘fortune teller’ but it’s not entirely credible…
I myself do tarot cards but i dont take them too strongly, but i still do believe in them. i use them for guidance not to see the future as that is what they are for, just to show you and help you with life.

Tarot would be a good start along with Palmistry if you want to learn more.

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Learn the techniques of cold reading. Also see here and many other sites found by searching this term.

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Anyone can do it – just like anyone can stand on a street corner in raggedy clothes and beg for money. All you have to do is buy a tarot deck and a crystal ball, read some books on the “art” and practice telling people what they want to hear.

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Learn how to make bullshit sound true.

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@TheObjector I believe in it and from what I heard from a lot of people that can do it is for the most part a legitimate person won’t charge you. This is something they do for the community, unless they are depending on it for income.

I’ve tried Tarot cards before, but my skills are in Runes not Tarot. Also, I do readings better when I don’t see a person. I usually can do automatic writing but it’s more typing than writing.

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@TheObjector …a legitimate person won’t charge you…unless they are depending on it for income. Right, they don’t need the income, having already picked next week’s lottery numbers and successful IPOs. And I’ve got swamp land in Florida…

For quick, easy money, a psychic should accept the $1M JREF (James Randi Foundation prize, now over a million held in escrow) for anyone who can demonstrate “legitimate” psychic powers, in a scientific test designed by Randi. No winners yet.

I mean this in the most jellie-friendly way: If you actually believe you have paranormal abilities the most likely explanation is self-delusion—a common human trait driving much social behavior. See, for example, Michael Shermer’s Why People Believe Weird Things. Not that there isn’t entertainment value in it…

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@gasman Psychics don’t work that way. If you read palms, cards or runes there is no number to be had. Psychic visions also don’t seem to generally work for the person themselves, they are more to help others than anything else.

I had sporadic visions of random events that ended up happening, and I mean big events, and not only did I just think they were bullcrap so did everyone around me. I didn’t think it would happen and it wasn’t a vision I was looking for as well. The one I’m talking about what the night when the votes were being tallied for the Bush/Gore election. I had a vision that if Bush went into office we’d suffer a great attack that would lead us to go to war with Iraq. I dismissed it and so did everyone I told. I have yet to gamble or use it for such things. I might need money badly but I can’t take money from others as well. Besides I don’t even have money to buy a lotto ticket.

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It will have a lot to do with your personal aptitudes. What you want to develop are tuning / channelling skills with or without explicitly working with guides.
Any good training will very early on include psychic protection that you will employ every time you intend to open yourself up to psychic energies. There is psychic junk out there, know how to avoid and filter and transmute it before you get any farther.
One of the more challenging aspects of divination is knowing your own inner voice and dialogue so you can distinguish those from receiving information, they are in the mind at the same time. The best psychics I know spent years understanding that.

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