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Aren't gravity and magnets related strongly to one another, and if yes, wouldn't that give us our TOE?

Asked by krrazypassions (1337points) May 13th, 2011

TOE(Theory of Everything) will be achieved, loosely speaking, when we unite these two groups of forces:
1) Electromagnetic force, Strong Nuclear Force, Weak Nuclear Force
2) Gravitational Force

We can generate electricity indirectly from gravity in waterfalls (also must be used elsewhere too). Like we united magnetism and electricity as electromagnetism, if we are able to unite magnetism and gravity, then we would be uniting gravity and electromagnetism,
Now, gravity holds us onto the earth. A magnet can hold iron filings onto it. Gravity can bend light, because it bends the entire space-time. But a strong magnet on earth cannot bend light as light consists of photons that don’t have a charge. However, how do we know that a much stronger magnet wont bend light? Also, since magnets have poles and therefore can both attract and repel, if we get to unite magnets and gravity, then we can consider gravity as having poles, and therefore explain that gravity could be behaving as attracting force sometimes, and as a repulsive force at other times, thereby explaining the expanding universe as repulsive gravity acting between galaxies.

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@all I understand this is a naive argument, but it would be a pleasure knowing your take on it :)

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lolz @hiphiphopflipflapflop , i know… a simple search of (magnets bend light) on google reveals this question been discussed in great details
Magnets cannot bend light
Google answers discussion
physics forum discussion

I guess there is scope for only funny and sci-fi answers now. (that’s why i made this a social question in the first place :p)

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haha, but i got a different take on this!
After we have got our TOE, wont magnetism and gravity be unified then? that is, wont TOE be able to explain both magnetism and gravity.

On the other hand, if we keep thinking that magnetism and gravity are two very different things, then we may never get our TOE.


c’mon, there is something deep here… cant see it yet? dig deeper! ;)

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Sorry, you’re going to have to do better than that. The world just spent 7.5 billion Euros building a machine that may give us some insight into the relationship between General Relativity and the Standard Model. Unless you have spent thousands of man hours refining your theory and providing equations and predictions to back it up, I’m afraid it is unlikely to impossible that you can shed any light on this problem.

You have already identified that gravity doesn’t have poles, and that magnets don’t bend light. That, if nothing else, should show you that these forces cannot be compared on any but the most fundamental scale. I will leave it to the experts to decipher what the nature of this relationship is.

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I prefer the supertheory of supereverything

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Such a theory is already in the works. (It has been for decades, actually.)
It is called String Theory.
Problem is, String theory requires 11 dimensions to work, and they have not devised any experminent or test that could potentially falsify it.
(That is why it is not really a theory, but a hypothesis, since all we really have right now, is mathematics)

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I think once we can grasp what the hell roughly 98% of the other matter in the universe really is (aka dark matter) then we’ll be able to get a grasp on if they are or if they aren’t

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Logic would dictate that there is a TOE, and that because thee is (known or not) everything is interconnected. So it’s unsurprising that gravity can serve indirectly to generate electricity, which can generate magnetism—or that permanent magnets can create an electrical current when a wire winding is rotated inside their magnetic field. It’s unsurprising that E = MC^@ and that therefore mass can be converted to energy, and mass can be increased by using energy to accelerate it. But just noting these things fals very far short of a Grand Unification Theory that explains how and why all the knwn forces are related.

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E=MC^@... LOL

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@King_Pariah Ha. didn’t let go of the shift key fast enough. I should always proofread.

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