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What happens to animals (their spirits) after they die?

Asked by hope037 (10points) May 14th, 2011

Do animals have souls? Where do their spirits go in their afterlife?

We just had to put our precious dog to sleep and I sure do hope that we will see him again when we cross over. Some people believe that animals return to the collective energy field while others think they are reincarnated into humans. What do you believe?

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I’m not sure how anyone can know the truth. I’m pretty sure they will end being plant food just like you and I will.

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Sorry to hear about your loss.

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Your friend is digging for golden bones in heaven. He’s chasing rabbits that jump happily into his mouth and then reappear for him to chase again and again. He gets prime rib steak for dinner and his poop magically disappears before it ever hits the floor. He was a good boy and he deserves to be in heaven.

So you be sure to be good too! Cause if you’re not, you’ll end up horribly burning in hell for all eternity and never see him ever again.

Welcome to fluther.

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I believe that their spirits pass on and that you’ll see them again one day.They don’t just evaporate and sink into the soil.

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We all die and rot IMHO. There isn’t an afterlife, sorry but that’s just my view.

However, if I believed in a higher power, I’d say a God would have to have his head pretty far up his own ass if he didn’t bring all his creations back home (heaven) once they died.

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If people can go to heaven, there’s no reason other animals can’t as well.

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Animals are just as much alive as people, so if people have souls, animals do as well. They pass on as people do. Don’t worry, he’ll greet you at the door when you cross over, too, tail wagging and happy.:]

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I lost my dog last summer. I chose not to get another dog (for now anyway). I feel that she is still here. I talk to her as if she never went away. In my mind, she simply is in another dimension of reality that I cannot see. But I sense her presence. That doesn’t mean that I don’t miss her terribly, I still do. But there isn’t this gnawing pain that won’t go away as it was for the first few months. Sometimes, I still shed some tears, but less so. She is still protecting me, but doing so in a place where she is healthy and happy and free. (Okay, I’m tearing up as I write this….I’ll stop now.)

I believe that at some point, she will reincarnate. I don’t believe in transmigration (animals into humans and vice-versa) but I do believe that she will come back in another animal that I might have in the future.

The Jellies were so supportive when I lost my doggy. You can read about it here

Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your beloved companion….I can absolutely and totally relate to what you are going through.

((((((((((((((((Big hug))))))))))))))))))))))))))

From a shamanic point of view….the companion in life does become our companion in spirit…the translation into a different form of energy does not necessarily mean there is a change in the relationship you have. In the end, we are all from Source…the same Source. And this interconnectedness remains despite the fact that we cannot perceive our pet with our human eyes….we can still certainly “feel” them close with our hearts.

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That which is remembered is never truly dead.

Beyond that though, it’s really a matter of personal belief. If you believe in a higher power and an afterlife, why wouldn’t a beloved pet end up with everyone else? If you don’t believe in a higher power, then you can still reflect on the times you did have.

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No one really knows, but I’d assume if there is a heaven, animals get in, too. I’m sorry for your loss.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies: You forgot about the endless supply of tennis balls to play with, fireplaces to lay in front of, couches to sleep on, and the visitation rights of every dog-lover who died.

@hope037: I’m so sorry you just had to put your dog down. I can assure you that he is playing with all of my former dogs and that they are getting along very well.

Of all the animals I have known, I think that all dogs are guaranteed a spot in that beautiful, green field in the sky, because fewer animals have the capacity for love that dogs do.

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Yep! That’s what Bart is doing too! Poor Bart, I miss him so.

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Animals go to heaven. Their spirits live within our souls (their owners) for a lifetime.

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you’re friend is there waiting for you.

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They make animal shapes in the form of clouds.

Sorry about your loss. Keep the memories alive.

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If animals go to heavan, why not any other creature like rattle snakes? Think about it.

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It is generally supposed that animals don’t have souls, and so are excluded from the Heaven/Hell thing. That said, there’s no reason why you’d have to leave the dog behind. AFAIK, the Bible is silent on the matter.

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For all you doubters.


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I believe when we get to Heaven we will see all our deceased pets there.

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@Roby: Why shouldn’t rattlesnakes go to heaven?

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@KatawaGrey Because they’re scary, duh.

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the commonality shared by believers is that if the animal is capable of love, it will go to heaven, so it will be full of dogs

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