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Girlfriend blacks out...This a bad thing?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) May 15th, 2011

My girlfriend blacks out a times or…I guess just falls asleep…but I’m not to sure….I can’t say if it’s bad…Maybe it’s from all the exhaustion? I’m not to sure….But is this a bad thing I should worry about for her?

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Blacks out like just falls down asleep midway through a sentence? Or at the end of a long day? Or… context please?

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How do you not know if she’s sleeping or has blacked out? When it happens, can you wake her? Or what?

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It could be narcolepsy which is a sleep disorder, or maybe she is just exhausted and not getting enough rest at night. Does she snore a lot at night?
“Blacking out” or fainting is different.

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Does she just keel over in the middle of something or does she close her eyes and go to sleep?

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More details like her age, does she drink, does she take medication, does she have any neurological disorders that you know of?

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I guess no matter what the reason is, blacking out is a bad thing.

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Worry won’t help @Vincent_Lloyd – find out the information other jellies are pointing towards and ask her simply if she realises that her behaviour is worrying you. If it’s self inflicted (too many late nights) then there’s something for both of you to do, if it is anything else, then enable her to find the help she needs.

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You should encourage her to talk to a doctor about it. How long has this been happening?

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I think your girlfirend has a lot of problems from what you’ve said in other posts and you can help her best by helping her get some counseling and medical advice. You can be there for her but these issues are beyond the scope of a young teenager to solve.

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Hmm, so lets say you eventually marry her and she has kids and blacks out then, that could be trouble, better take her to a doctor and find out whats wrong with her.

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