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How hard is it to ask a question on Fluther?

Asked by OreetCocker (3557points) November 18th, 2009

Do I need to be in America for my questions to appear?

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No, but the question would be appropriate. I don’t think that country has to do with anything.

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@ troubleinharlem Thanks for the speedy response! Do you think a question about tonights Ireland vs France game would be inappropriate?

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@OreetCocker not inappropriate at all

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If you haven’t already, please read this: That’ll ensure that your question remains on the site :)

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Perhaps one about ‘pies’ would be fitting – coming from you. (?)

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Was that a rhetorical question?

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[mod says] A question about the game would be fine, but it needs to be a specific question… not just “What did you think about it?” or venting about it.

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Asking the question isn’t the hard part, it’s having it remain that’s difficult.

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@raredenver Thanks, for that, thought I may be missing something!

@bomyne Just done that, thanks for the direction :-)

@lloydbird Hope you’re not intimating that I’m from Wigan LOL :-)

@augustian Sorry, wasn’t venting, but am sure there must be other flutherites that are as equally frustrated!!!

@proXXi duly noted! Thankyou :-)

@janbb It wasn’t rhetorical when I asked! Thanks for bringing me back down to earth ;-)

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@lloydbird Its spittin!!!! Quick, get in!

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@ augstian Sorry, but I felt it was a question when I asked how people felt that France had cheated Ireland out of a place in the World Cup Finals. Can’t see how your response warrants a great answer when the original question wasn’t published!

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Have submitted the original question for the 5th time! lets see what happens!

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I have a weird need to love this thread. It answered itself without being terribly off putting.

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@OreetCocker Wigan has no pier.

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@OreetCocker – Ireland should be allowed to go to South Africa. France cheated and got away with it. There are European flutherites.

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@the compassionate heretic. Thanks for that, in retrospect I guess most people wouldn’t have had a clue what talking about!

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@mattbrowne. Thanks, am feeling a little less indignant this morning looking at the feedback from the worlds press!

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