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What's a good network A/V broadcast/play kit for simultaneous playback?

Asked by dabbler (18235points) May 15th, 2011

I want to be able to play the same media, usually tunes, from one source and have that play back on multiple devices synchronized so there is no lead/lag among them.
Recommendations please? Thanks!

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Ipod. Definetly.

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@astrix24 you can get multiple ipods to play the same thing at the same time synchronized ?
Please, How To ?
Or an iPod can play synchronized with something else ?
Among computers on a household LAN would be ideal… adding players on WiFi gizmos too if possible.
I don’t see know how they would sync up the actual presentation of the sound unless there is intercommunication and synched players. Somebody’s probably solved this out there…

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That, im sorry. I have no idea to help you with. I misuderstood the question. In this case, I have no idea. Im sorry.

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For audio, you actually can use an iPod or iTunes on your computer. Airplay lets you choose multiple speakers connected to Apple Airport Express routers or Apple TVs.

I am not sure if you can stream video to multiple sources.


Apple AirPlay: 10 things you need to know

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