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What is the best product for cleaning car interiors?

Asked by marinelife (62485points) May 15th, 2011

I have noticed that household cleaners (like 409) don’t do a very good job on the dash or the doors.

What products have you had good luck with?

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Armor All It works like a charm on leather, vinyl and plastic. It comes in a wax as well as wet-wipes.

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A second vote for Armor All. Mr. Fussy-About-His-Car aka my husband uses it exclusively on the car.

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OK, all you Armor ll fans, but does it really clean well?

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I use Armor All wipes on my dash and plastic stuff in the car. I smoke in the car, and the wipes easily get rid of all the ash/dust/nicotine grossness. I use Windex or something similar if there’s any really icky stuff, like a coffee spill or something, then follow up with the wipes. They have citrus scented ones, which leave a nice clean smell behind.

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For me, Armor All has worked just as well as, if not better than, an all-purpose spray cleaner. It seems to work better if using a cloth rather than a paper towel.

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I asked Mr. Fussy. He says it seems to work well as a cleaner.

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Armour-all my vote. Just have to keep inside of windows scrubbed with vinegar or something, there is a haze from the Armour-all when it gets hot inside the car.

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BioGreenClean is pretty good. And that Simple Green cleaner too.
You’ll want the ArmourAll once it’s dry to put a seal back on it.

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