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What are you doing on this lazy Sunday?

Asked by jca (36043points) May 15th, 2011

What are you doing on this lazy Sunday?

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Watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix.

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I am going to lunch,then shopping for a new outfit.:)

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Working with heavy machinery probably from 3–9, could be till 7 or maybe even 10. lazy my @$$

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Well, it’s just approaching 7pm here in England Town & i’ve just come in from taking my dawg for her walk. Earlier the wife & I finished painting our son’s bedroom. As for the rest of the night, i’ll probably kick back & watch a movie, when the kids have gone to bed.

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Doing dishes, laundry, fixing 2 computers, and seasoning 2 iron skillets.

Lazy Sunday my ass…

I may take a break and try to get out to see Thor.

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Being lazy now and going to take a nap. My daughter had a sleepover last night, so it’s been a very loud 18 hours. I decided to Fluther late into the night once the girls fell asleep. That was a big mistake. They woke up at 8am ready to continue with their wonderful loudness. I’m waiting for the sugar high from the cupcakes we just made to subside. Good times. :D

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Cooking, fluthering, spying on carpenters on patio, supervising dogs, laundry. The weather is a perfect ten!!! I walked both dogs already it is so great out there!!

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Thus far, I’ve cooked waffles (husband makes the batter when he gets up, I get up eventually and cook them), washed dishes, thrown sheets in the washer then the dryer, had a PB&J sandwich and some chips, read a little bit out on the deck. Now I’m getting ready to go to the grocery store to get fixings for chicken quesadillas. The hubby doesn’t often make a dinner request, and I love not having to think about what to make!

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Drinking a brewski and playing with Cinema 4D.

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Finish planting plants in my garden and then take a nice long hot fragrant and bubbly jacuzzi :)

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Just gave the dog a bath (much to his dismay), and now I’m going to wash and wax my car.

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Just made spinach, egg, mushroom, and ranchera salsa breakfast burritos for the wife and me. Getting ready to go play some flag football for a couple hours.

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Lazy stormy day here. Some unusually cold weather, T-storms, and, I have my heat on again, brrr, crazy May over this way.

Right now I am eating peanut butter and raisen toast and alternating between a couple of phone calls and fluthering. I think I will go out for takeout later and cozy up with a good book or DVD.


Planting a flower garden with my little ones. I’m trying to get them to enjoy gardening, instead of being stuck in the house with their Nintendo DS’s, and um, me on my computer!!. Sigh…. :D

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I was working earlier now I am just chilling out. I walked to the local supermarket and got a few things. It is unusually chill here for May also, April was warmer. Right now I am eating Mini Cheddars and I am just about to call an old friend I haven’t seen in years.

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@Coloma to me that sounds wonderful. But you’re probably used to it. (;

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I love weather of all kinds, actually I am happy cuz I don;t need to water anything now for a few days. lol

Crazy..from 88 about 10 days ago to near record lows, 38 right now, and hail and popcorn snow! Wild!

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What does it look like? Fluthering! Trying to keep my guards from pulling my food.

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I went shoe shopping. Unsuccessfully. :( Other than that, I went and got some pretzels from the mall and came back to hang out with the kitty some more. She’s lying on my shoes right now to keep me from leaving again. :D

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Attempting to cook a real meal after about 6 months. I got my chicken breast marinating in spicy peanut sauce now.

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Celebrating my Dad’s birthday by listening to vinyls on the record player we just bought him. ^.^

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Helped the kids go ‘camping’ in the field out the back this afternoon, bath and bed for them and then me and Mr Stinley had some Prosecco even though it’s a school night… CSI NY on 5USA, all is ok with the world

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After two days of being out of work sick (only one of which I actually felt sick, but they insisted I stay home to not spread the contagion), I am back at work. I also gardened this morning, during which time I found my newly sprouted heirloom corn plants had been attacked by chipmunks. I am devising the warfare strategy now.

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Redoing my room, playing music, my mom’s friend is coming over for dinner and I have to finish some homework.

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Roaming around the internet.

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4:29 pm on the dreary, rainy, west coast. Just cracked a Corona lite and am far too mellow to go out, sooo, making spinach raviole and listening to the rain on my roof. I DID organize some paperwork, you know, re-shuffled it a little bit more neatly before re-filing it in the ‘to do’ pile.
Oh..and I DID get dressed, in a spiffy new flowing yellow, embroidered, gypsy skirt, just so I looked really nice when I went out to the barn to feed everyone. lol

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Slept in, went to run errands, did laundry, played games, had dinner and now I’m all fluthering anshit.

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Bummer of a day, it’s been cold, windy and rainy all day. Didn’t get a chance to Fluther much, and now I’m sleepy…bummer of a day.
Thank you for asking. Hope you had a wonderful day.:-)

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Had my daughter and her husband spend the night last night. We had a blast. Went swimming and then to the casino and to dinner. This morning, my husband and son-in-law smoked ribs in the new smoker. OMG they were fab-u-lous! Sitting resting now, playing on the computer, listening to my husband dream outloud about what we are going to do to the new house we just bought and missing my girl and her great Navy husband. I am blessed with a great life.

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Cribbage, sex and later some buddies are coming over for some barbeque and beer.

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Went hiking with my dog which is her favorite thing, and eating which we did too.

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I woke up super early, cleaned up my apartment, did the dishes, had left over thai food for breakfast and went back to sleep by 9am! Woke up a little after noon, showered, saw a friend, got my manicure fixed, made some dinner and am now here then watching a Desperate Housewives season finale.


@AmWiser Know exactly what you mean and how you feel. We’ve all had those kinds of days. Yuck. :)

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