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What amazes you the most out of everything in our universe?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) May 15th, 2011

I look around all of the time and contemplate how amazing our planet really is. I sounds like a hippie. Oh dear. But anyways, what things do you sit around and think about that complete baffle you, or amaze you?

I personally like to think of how vast our universe is. I love to think of what is out there.

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The enormous number of stars out there boggles my pitiful mushy gray stuff. Night swimming in a crystal clear pool reflecting those stars would be quite awesome.

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This. The information is mind boggling.

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How deadly the vast majority of the universe and the planet is.

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The human brain.

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Fingers. Everyone calls them fingers but I never see them fing. Oh wait, there it goes.

The sheer complexity of the web of life on this planet blows my mind sometimes. I know a lot about how to live as a wild creature, but I never fool myself into thinking I know a fraction of what’s going on. It’s always a new adventure.

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Probably the fact that so many things that look so similar are all different. For example, are all fingerprints and snowflakes really different from another?

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@thorninmud You might enjoy this if the brain is something you’re interested in. I thought it was pretty cool.

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@Pied_Pfeffer We live in a place smaller than a grain of sand compared to the rest of the universe and you’d think that we are nothing special, but the true uniqueness of every organism on this planet is astounding and so complex that it is hard for one’s mind to wrap around.

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And what’s wrong with being a hippie? lol

Oh yeah, hippie here I am blessed to be very in tune and aware of the beauty and mystery around me at all times. It is also nice to be able to live in a beautiful, natural, wild environment, and it is a rare day I take it for granted.

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There are 100 to 400 billion stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way.
(For comparison, 100 billion dollar bills would make a stack 6,000 miles high)

And there are approximately 200 billion other galaxies,


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What amaze me, is that aren’t a lot of people actually trying to move forward into the vast universe, but always dream about being something like an Astronaut.

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@Coloma I personally believe there is nothing wrong with being a hippie! Being blessed with the ability to be in tune with everything around you is truly wonderful!

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Almost everything in nature does that for me.That is one reason why I love to be outdoors as much as I do and my love of nature is evident in most of my artwork.
Today,I was given an orchid and its sheer beauty is amazing! :)

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@Trojans40 I can very much agree with you. I would love to see this generation move forward and learn so much more.

@lucillelucillelucille That sounds beautiful! Just think of all of the scientific processes that that plant had to go through to create that stunning flower. Basic things such as photosynthesis still amaze me.

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One exercise in consciousness is to simply LOOK at an object, plant, flower, tree, star and drop the label.

When we consciously look beyond the association of ‘flower’ ‘tree’ ‘bird’..whatever, we then actually have the best chance of truly ‘seeing’ that object in it’s magnificent perfection without the word association that automatically reduces the life form we are witnessing to a mere objectified label.

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Another thing that also amazes me is the emergence of language throughout the world.

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The ability of humans to maintain prejudices in the face of contrary evidence.

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The vast complexes and interactions of cells, systems and chemicals that allows life to exist.

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I also am very amaze how vast out history has gone. Eypgt, Rome, Greek, China, England, France, Japan, Aztec, Mayans, But in reality to the universe, it was all a puff and poof.
Yet, we look at them as biggest things that move the world.

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I think of really how violent the universe is. There is a black hole relatively close to our solar system. It’s amazing we haven’t been atomized yet by something.

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I’m amazed at the capacity of humans to hope, show compassion, die to save the lives of others.

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@KatetheGreat Exactly. Your response reminded me of a movie that was probably made in the late ‘70s. It covered the differences from things in the far reaches of the universe’s corners and then worked its way back to Earth and down to the smallest items (known at the time in all cases.) I’d love to see a remake of it, knowing what we do today.

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I’m amazed at marshmallows, they are so soft and chewy. Sorry they are my fave and I’m truly amazed!

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Also the reason testicles really hurt when smited. I mean not just any kind of random hurt but the kind designed to make us actually think. Even other species get the same deal. So, without healthy intact male bits we , and other species would have a tough time existing. Something or somebody was doing their homework.

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Hmmm…perhaps I shall munch Marshmallows in my memory foam bed right now while contemplating these mysteries. lol

N.A.S.A. invented memory foam…from outer space to my bedroom, thanks for that science guys! haha

Nite peeps!

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Consciousness blows my mind.

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@Coloma Oh I so need that bed for my back!

I’m amaze at the existence of humans on this planet and amaze that alien species are playing hide and seek with us, confusing, teasing, making us wonder whether they exist or not.

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The other day I saw a hawk flying, and then, just drop out of the sky and just return to the sky, in a matter of seconds with a grace and delicacy that was so sudden, yet so fitting. That amazed me, and it amazes me that that is only one of the many astounding things the natural world provides.

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Hey to bed for real now check out that MOON tonight! If it’s night in your zone.—I am going to go to sleep with the moon hovering over my memory foam. lol

Good night moon. :-)

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The unimaginable and unfathomable vastness of the universe.

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Trying to imagine the Big Bang….if something like that really happened, that is fucking unbelievable! It’s beyond my comprehension. But there are sooooooooooooooooooooo many amazing things. God I could go on forever. Yesterday I saw “African Cats”......a whole nother world. Oh my god. Sorry I’m rambling, but everything is so amazing!!

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I am amazed that we are, ultimately, made of the dust of stars. Joni Mitchell was right.
“We are stardust

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That someone can see images from the the Hubble ultra deep field and say, “bubble telescope good cgi and´╗┐ photoshop fake like all nasa videos and pics.”.

I may be going out on a limb when I say this, but I don’t think the above quote was posted by Stephen Hawking. ;-)

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I think it’s consciousness. That does seem to leap far beyond the rational and predictable.

I almost said color, because it does amaze me. But consciousness (of every kind) seems to be the wonder of wonders.

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@aprilsimnel and @Jeruba ..consciousness is up there on my list too :)

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Some days nothing amazes me, somedays everything amazes me but luckily, more days than not, at least something amazes me. I am both easily amused and easily amazed and I don’t think that is at all a bad thing. Some days some new scientific discovery I read about amazes me and some days something as simple as water amazes me, actually I generally find water pretty damn amazing. H2O. Two molecules of hydrogen, one molecule of oxygen, that’s all it takes and you get water! Wow! That never ceases to amaze me, really. Simple things for simple minds I guess. And on the days that water itself isn’t enough amaze me, the fact that the City of New York can deliver clean, fresh water to over 8 million people on command, 24 hours a day is pretty amazing. Fish amaze me. I used to spend countless hours at the Steinhardt Aquarium in Golden Gate park when I lived in San Francisco because I didn’t have any money, almost none at all and it was a free afternoons entertainment that was within walking distance. The fish, the not fish! Some so incredibly beautiful, some so unbelievably butt ugly, some so weird and strange, some just ordinary. Hundreds and hundreds of varieties in all their incredible glory and ugliness and weirdness; that amazed me. Humans amaze me; animals amaze, so many things amaze me but that’s fine with me.

I can’t imagine going through life where there wasn’t at least something in the universe to amaze me on an almost daily basis. How boring and horrible it would be if I couldn’t see that I lived in a world full of wonder. LOL or maybe I just have the brain of Flipper; oh well, I’m happy my brain works that way at least.

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@lillycoyote ..Lol I can relate to you on that. Throughout my life, people that know me well often tell me that I have the wonder of a child.

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That life can thrive in the most hostile environments.
One example being fleas on a baboon’s arse!

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Whatever you all said boils down to our brain and consciousness that help us identify and appreciate all the other amazing things as amazing things!
It was an amazing experience reading every answer before mine

It is also amazing that we have not been spoon-fed to instantly know and believe everything as it is, but have an unbelievably curious mind that is never satisfied- If we accepted what only our 5-senses and basic brain told us about the universe, we would have lived in the jungles and survived by hunting and gathering food, oblivious to things like Big Bang, Evolution, Relativity, DNA, Electromagnetism, Space-travel etc.

I also find it interesting to thing how we would have perceived the world if we could naturally see all frequencies of electromagnetic spectrum (all the things visible to us fall within a tiny range of the electromagnetic spectrum)

Also, what would happen if all the animals other than humans suddenly realized that humans are endangering the nature by their anti-nature activities like deforestation and pollution and population-explosion Wouldn’t this launch the greatest and most amazing war! Humans vs Animals ( That would have the humans greatly outnumbered if we include the insects and bacteria )

I cant tell whose side the viruses would be on, since they are so weird in terms of ‘life’ that we might as well imagine them to be nano-bots developed by some hideous alien species. you know, viruses are non-living when outside another living being. its like the aliens thought that there is so much life on earth that they didnt need to fit batteries inside these viruses- they could use the earthly living beings as the complete energy source for their nanobots

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The intricacy of the human brain, and the fact that people can think that it happened by itself…...............

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We take ourselves for granted but it is quite amazing that we exist. Being able to say ‘I am’ is amazing.

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How people think they know so much about it yet have never been far enough of our planet to study it properly. Humans don’t know an 1/8 of what they think they know.

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The night sky is pretty amazing and so is our oceans. I love to scuba dive and pictures do not do justice to the sheer beauty of all that is undersea!

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That the universe has existed forever. Whether you believe in science or religion, the big bang or the steady state, something existed infinitely into the past without a beginning. To me, that’s mind boggling

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