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Free time? Rarely. This, maybe. The fluther and sleep.

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I really want to take an extended road trip down south.

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I spend time on the internet, read, or knit. I learned how to tat this weekend and that’s pretty much what I did with my free time the last couple days. I also spend time with my kids, riding bikes, playing, watching movies.

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Fluther, read, play an online word game, play with my dogs.

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I like to garden and play guitar. Planted some veggies and flowers a friend gave to me and wrote a new song yesterday.

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Garden, fluther, read, forage, foment revolution. Write in my blog. Occasionally I hunt. There are also a few shows I stream once in a while.

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Spend time with family, read, play video games, Fluther, visit a few different online forums, and whatever else comes to mind. I have a lot of free time right now. :-)

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What is this “free time” that you speak of?

Actually, it really depends on mood and the season. In the spring I generally putter around in the yard doing light gardening. If the mood strikes I spend quite a bit of my free time doing various arcane arts ranging from leather carving to blacksmithing. Lately I have been laying down some tracks using Garageband on my iMac.

And, of course, there is always the occasional nap… ;)

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Internet, cook, garden, run.

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Write, read, kick back on my deck in nature, eat happy brownies, drink champagne, take my pair of geese on ‘muddling & puddling’ expeditions to the creek that runs through my lower pasture. :-)

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Surf the interwebs, watch movies, spend time with the wife, brew beer, go out with friends.

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If the weather permits I like to put a blanket down on some grass and drink beer and read. If the weather sucks I shake my fist at the computer and make insecure websites and dabble in Photoshop and 3D animation and writing iPhone apps that I will only ever see. And I play with Lego a lot.

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Right now all of it is spend online, but this is going to change once I get myself a bike. Then it’s going to be spending all of my time riding and getting back into shape.

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Fluther, make necklaces, play video games, fluther, play piano, draw, read, fluther… :D

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Get out of town with my sweetie. I like when we go trekking around some old towns, or a little off road adventure, out target shooting or lake sailing. We have things planned such as horseback trail riding, canoeing, kayaking, hot air ballon rides, atv rides, jet skis on a lake, paddle boats, rock climbing, cave tours, ghost tours, etc.

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Free time? ROFLMAO!

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Hah. Free time… I have too much of it. XD
I read. Write. This. :P And go on a mission to find the perfect climbing tree. :D
I text a lot. Procrastinate homework.(: Sing. Dance. I think that’s about it…

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I spend most of it looking after my garden…… working seven days a week is no fun…. :-/

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Reading, computer (Fluther) and Bible study. Thank you, RTT

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I spend most of my time fluthering with music and shopping and juat walking around.

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Currently I am working but when I do have free time it usually goes into skyping, surfing Urban Outfitters online and I never buy anything. Watching the vampire diaries, secret life, hellcats, 90210 and YOUTUBE. Also I blog.

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Writing & practicing Piano.

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Masturbate furiously.

No, I play with my guns, sing, fluther, and drink. Story of my life.

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Cycling, walking, travelling, reading, and the computer.

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Photoediting, poker, writing – although two of those I would consider work sometimes, so it’s hard to know what’s free time.

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There’s nothing wrong in a mass debate in your spare time! :-/
Which is your favourite gun, that you like to play with?

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@Scooby As of now, I really like to play with my Dragunov. I bought one a few months ago and it was the best purchase I’ve ever made.

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Movies, books, meditating, writing… Eating, too, and the occasional nap. Cooking, when I can afford the ingredients.

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Cuddling with my partner and/or my dog, volunteering, reading, cycling, dancing, music, internet stuff (like Fluther), drawing, video games, camping, swimming, movies, woodworking ..and if I could afford it, I would love to travel all over the world.

Also, I often run around the house with an imaginary light saber making the sound effects.

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Every other Monday I have 6 hours to myself with nothing planned.

I usually spend it napping, eating a nice lunch, reading and listening to music or podcasts.

Other than those two Monday mornings, I’m booked solid.

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Watching my son play mean rugby, surfing and fishing

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That’s a nice piece of kit, you’re very lucky to be able to own one… what kind of range are you hitting & what kind of grouping are you getting? And what manner of optics are you using with the beast? Incidentally, how much does one cost…… not that I could own one, just curious how much they go for? :-/

Thinking about taking up archery as a hobby, to kill a little more time when it comes my way……

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I play guitar and sometimes go for a long walk or ride.

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Thanks for replies. ^^

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Listening to music, watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, taking photos, and sometimes writing journals. I enjoy watching YouTube viral videos. YouTube has produced some really great and adorable online video stars.

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How can you spend something that’s free?

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