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Depends on the decision. The little ones have me stewing and second guessing and tied up in knots. The big life-changing ones are easy for me.

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Depends. But it has become easier to move on after a decision.

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Pretty easy for me.
Usually, whatever decision and moving on that needs to be addressed has already been in my consciousness for quite awhile. Whether this has been letting go of relationships that no longer are working for me, moves, job changes, etc.

I’m high on intuition and I listen, hasn’t failed me yet!

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Pretty easy, usually because I know why I’m making the decision and have a good understanding of the consequences of both doing so and not.

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I usually jump right in, make decisions, and don’t look back.

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Some decisions to be made are the ones where you have no choice but to “just move on” once you’ve made them.

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I’m with @Coloma inasmuch as most decisions are already made before I consciously make them… when I make the decision consciously I am normally able to be resolute and stick with it, though the process may still not be an easy one.

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I am cursed with hindsight. I may not rescind any decision, but in quiet moments, i tend to second guess myself

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I am indecisive until I make a decision and then I move on. No problem.

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If the decision relates to my profession, it usually comes easily. It’s much harder if it concerns personal relationships; it’s just not easy for me to “let go.”

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@picante I agree, letting go is not something lightly done, but I feel that making a decision and moving on is a separate process from letting go… I may make and see through a decision because I believe in my gut that it is the right thing to do, but actually letting go may take months (depending on the situation of course).

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I wish you could teach me, @harple. And you could give me some music lessons, too. I need lots of help in both areas. I’ll bring champagne ;-)

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It’s a deal! At least on the music side and the champagne! Not sure I can teach anyone much on life learning! :-?

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I’m like a computer processor as a thinking feeling human being. When given the CORRECT information, and the input makes sense and it is logistically and practically sound and I can take said information and use it to make a viable and reasonable decision, I always do that.

However that being said… Too many people are dishonest and ingenuine and aren’t always forthcoming with their own reasons and wants and process.

That is what I have to learn to do… Process INCORRECT input to come to a sound and rational conclusion. I have in my life, believed to many liars and bullshit artists absolutely to my own detriment.

*You should see the data that I spit out when I KNOW I have been lied to… Ever see smoke and flames come out of a data processor? THis hard drive bitch has some colorful fits when I know some fool put the wrong thing in.

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Once a decision is made, there aren’t many good choices but to move on. That’s why you make the decision, so there isn’t some bullshit lingering to bother (or threaten) you.

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I have just went through a breakup and the decision for me to move on is extremely hard…especially now as I am seeing her avatar on Facebook with a new boyfriend….but for every problem there is a solution and I am going to go with the solution to move on….I may not like that solution but its all I can do.

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When I am not feeling sure what to do I generally sit on it or sleep on it…perhaps for too long. But I like to feel sure I am doing the right thing. It’s not so much about having all the facts at hand as feeling in my gut that I am doing the right thing. Once I have that feeling I rarely look back and second guess myself.

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It depends on the decision. For most things, I make up my mind and then move on. If it involves people I love, I may make up my mind but I will continue to wonder and worry about whether it was the right choice.

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@Eggie I hope it gets better… You seem genuine and like, well… a good egg!

You’ll find the “one” I’m sure of that!

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@Bellatrix I suppose you nailed it there? Making a decision… FOR YOURSELF, no matter what the input is, the out put has to be your own choice.

I suppose being indecisive can be one of the most detrimental aspects of break-ups? And when the other person is a liar and isn’t honest with you, it only makes choices harder.

Great answer POINTS!

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Making a decision comes easy, whether wrong or right, moving on can be quite difficult if I made the wrong decision.

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Like everyone has said here, you have to make decisions in life. You can’t go back and change them. You live with the consequences. End of story.

Beating yourself up is counterproductive. To move on, you can:
1. Convince yourself that it was the right choice
2. Tell yourself that you made the best decision you could at the time (since no one knows how things will turn out in the future)
3. If it was a really bad decision, then you can say “guess I shouldn’t have done that” and then leave it alone.

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If it’s a long-term, very serious and life-changing decision, probably at least two days to think over all the effects and changes it would have. If it’s a little decision, it probably takes just a few minutes. In any decision, though, I always find myself thinking about how it could effect my life.
It all depends on what it concerns.

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Libras are the worst at making a decision and we are big procrastinators.
I drive my Aquarious husband crazy because of this as Aquarious live in the
future and so they make decisions fast.

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