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What is the best birthday gift you've ever received?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23137points) May 16th, 2011

My hubby told me to go out and get the tattoos (my daughters’ names) that I’ve been wanting.

What’s the most exciting birthday gift you’ve been given?

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My dad bought me tickets to see Barbra Streisand for my 21st birthday.

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A trip to NYC!

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@Jude Cool! I bet you had a great time!

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I’ve had so many, it’s hard to pick. I was married for several years to my best friend who was an excellent gifter, he could once hear or note something I liked and then surprise me with it. I’d have to say it’s a toss up between the Barbie Townhouse I got from my grandpa as a little girl and a carved teak mask my ex spouse gave me.

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An engagement ring, and more importantly, what it represents.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Awwww, that’s so sweet!

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@WillWorkForChocolate It was last year, and I had the best time! :)

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I’d say that my best birthday gifts were life, and seeing all my long-time friends on the surprise Big Four 0 party, that my mom gave me in 1986.

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@Jude Sadly, none of our pocketbooks will allow travel right now, lol. But eventually, I plan on taking a trip to Ireland for my birthday!!

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@WillWorkForChocolate Tuck me in your pocket and take me wih you? ;-)

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You got it! And any other jelly who wants to go!

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The surprise 18th birthday party my friend threw for me at my favorite restaurant. Lots of my friends were there, my parents, my grandmother, neighbors. It was pretty special. I got tickets to Disneyland that birthday as well.

A few years back a friend gave me the shooting script for Bus Stop, a Marilyn Monroe film. I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily the greatest birthday gift I’ve ever received, but it was very, very thoughtful and original.

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I believe in getting yourself the birthday gift you want especially if your single and you don’t have a SO, so I have given myself this year a flat screen tv, last year was new furniture (well overdue). Go get yourself the tattoo you wanted, you deserve it!!!

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The one that surprised me the most was my Tag Heuer carrera my friend gave me for my fortieth birthday, she said it made good time so I would have no excuses for being late for our dinner dates…. I do collect watches as an unofficial hobby, I guess she knew I liked my watches….. I’ve since never been late ;-)
It’s my most cherished possession, simply because………. It means so much :-/

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Its not the best birthday present I have received, but rather the best birthday gift I have given my wife.

Wife was at a bowling alley, bowling with her league. I called her and said, ”“honey, come home. Something has happened in the house and you need to see this”. She was upset, but headed toward home.

She walked in the door all excited and flustrated. I calmed her down and assured her that this will be a magic moment in her life.

Just then, from a bedroom at the end of our ranch home, a small yelp could be heard. She ran down the hallway and opened the bedroom door.

There he was in all his glory…...a border collie puppy!!! My wife flipped out. He was so cute with his black and white hair and three dots on his left front leg. We name him Mikey.

Mikey took my place in the bed that night.. I understand why.

Today, we are celebrating Mikey’s 12th birthday. Thats 84 years compared to a human.

My wife will never forget that birthday and her love affair with Mikey…..our border collie.

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Champagne & Diner made for me and served to me while in a hot bubble bath.
That certainly worked for me!

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(my accordion)

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My first ever proper bicycle. By proper I mean none of your namby pamby training wheels shit!
Yeah this was a grip twist, gear shifter “bigger boys” bike & I loved that sucker…..sigh, happy days ;¬}

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My dog. It was the day before my birthday when we took her home. Best birthday present ever.

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The ones I have given MYSELF! lol

Last year when I turned 50 I gave myself an Asian vacation.

Of course, I love anything my daughter gives me, most especially her amazing paintings!
One of her best gifts, a portrait she painted of my goose ‘Marwyn’ for my ‘Burning Goose’ festival/party 2 summers ago.

A life size, psychedelic Marwyn, dancing on a bed of hot coals. lol

The burning goose forever immortalized in vivid, abstract colors!

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I love all these, they’re great!!

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The best present ever was my first two wheeled bicycle. I never looked back and have owned a bicycle ever since.

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A Walther WA2000. It’s an extremely rare gun and it’s so sexy that it makes a lot of people jealous.

My father bought it for me as a graduation present. Thanks, dad!

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The best present I’ve ever received was tickets to a No Doubt concert. :)

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A polish crystal glasses and decanter set

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