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My friend is a senior in college. What is a practical gift I can buy him?

Asked by jonbo2 (20points) January 21st, 2009

I usually get people a bottle of their favorite liquor or case of beer for their birthday because I know that they will use it, I know that they like alcohol, and I know that it will save them a trip to the liquor store. But I’m tired of that, what’s another creative, practical gift that I know that a college student would use?

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If he’s moving away, I’d try not to get him something that might be difficult or burdensome to move. An Ikea gift card comes to mind, or maybe a gift card to a store where he can buy interview clothes.

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The largest capacity thumb drive that you can afford. I can’t get enough of them.
A webcam so you can stay in touch more (if they are moving away), or
a pair of cheap walkie-talkies if he lives close (guys love walkies, not matter what age).

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Really nice sheets, or good pillows.

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A good cookbook. I highly recomend Their cookbooks are amazing. He will use it for life and always remember who gave it to him.

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a box of porn and a bottle of whiskey

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shoot… some brew and a whole lot of strippers jk.. well it is his last year to party hardy before going into the real world… A practical gift would be a box of condoms… seriously, you should get him a digital picture frame so he can look at all the good times he had in college w his friends…

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An interview suit if your budget allows. Probably the most practical.

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Cash. Or rolls of quarters for laundry.

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Get him some movie tickets to his local movie house (most of them now have cards that you can load up in any denomination). Or a gift certificate to the local grocery store (fancy ones like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are always appreciated). A nice piece of luggage with wheels and a fold down handle (if he’s getting ready to move).

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If you know the name of his collage bookstore you can see if they have gift cards. Or gift cards to nearby stores or restaurants.

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A nice dress shirt or tie that they might use for job interviews or work.

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New sheets, pillowcases, notebook paper, pens, maybe a new backpack, gift certificate or gift card to his favorite place to eat or shop.

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Give him all the budget that you want to spend for a gift, or a lovely smell perfume.

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