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What cheers you up & distracts you?

Asked by everephebe (11606points) May 16th, 2011

According to the four noble truths life is suffering. What’s your spoonful of sugar?


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Fucking your mom Snuggling with my kitties.

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I start by rejecting the idea that life is suffering. There is suffering in life, to be sure, but that’s a far cry from being the definition of the thing.
Then I’ll typically read, or watch The Irresponsible Captain Tylor or something by Miyazaki.

Oh, and I’ll sometimes set up scenarios in my head. My current favorites are A Fluther Jelly in Generic King Arthur’s Court and 103 Reasons Why Berserking Jedi Are Awesome.

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@MyNewtBoobs kittens are good.
@Nullo I don’t think I agree with the four nobles truths either and… I too, enjoy Japanese Cinema.

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I agree absolutely with @Nullo. While there is certainly suffering in life, to deny that would be naive, indicate an unwillingness to accept reality and would trivialize the human experience, and even though some people seem to get more than their share, suffering is not what defines life nor what life is. But what is my spoonful of sugar? “I love myself when I am laughing” as Zora Neale Hurston said; and I love the world and life when I am laughing.

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A bit of humour usually helps.

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Playing with my kids and Fluthering with the Jellies will always put a smile on my face….in between I am working to pay for both!

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Being out & about with my kids is an endlessly cheery excercise. Can’t get enough of it!

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For a temporary shot of cheer, I turn to cheesy music. I listen to Glee covers a lot.

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A monkey in a tuxedo.

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I disagree with the premise (even though I am suffering right now with a cold and cough). A walk in nature cheers me up.

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@Nullo – Oh man. I’m not an anime or manga person, but one of the few series I know and love is Captain Tylor. I just watched the opening on Youtube and it totally cheered me up! Thanks; I haven’t thought of Tylor for years :)
Sail away for future!

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Texting my brother…he usually writes back with something irrelevant and silly that cracks me up. Also my brother tends to have it worse than I do, so that puts my problems into perspective.

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Snuggling with my kitty, laughing with my girl and gardening.

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Minecraft. Until a creeper blows up your house!

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Watching Milo gambol in my woods. He freezes, crouches, points, takes off at top speed, climbs a tree, descends, looks around and wonders where the invisible prey disappeared to.

If I am sitting on my meditation bench nearby, he will then often leap into my lap for a few minutes of rest, relaxation and caresses.

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Oh, and also @lucillelucillelucille. She cracks me up.

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Many things. Music. Delicious food. Humor. Kittens. A mocking bird singing in a tree. Little kids. Clouds. Color. A smile from a stranger. Or friend.
Out! Out with the negative thoughts! I don’t agree with the basic premise, I guess.

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“Life is suffering” is pretty near the truth in my experience. It seems the nature of man (the species) to seek fulfillment and find it only in fleeting pieces. One of the best ways to distract myself from that suffering is to help someone else escape – for a time – from theirs. So helping another person is one way I elude my own ration of suffering.

__Oh yeah, and boobs.__

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A blowjob given by my beloved almost always does the trick. Miracle cure, actually. In a way it’s kind of sad that I’m so simple. On the other hand, it means there’s a surefire way of cheering me up.

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Trying to think in the mindset of a dog.
This is the BEST food EVER!
I am SO happy!
I love you SO much! I missed you!
Look at what I just discovered! Isn’t it fascinating?
This is my toy! Isn’t it awesome?

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.hearing your voice.
Uhm. Listening to piano music or watching a comedy show.

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@Blueroses “Hey, how’s it SQUIRREL!!!

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Hanging out with people or hiking.

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@erichw1504 I was just gonna ..RABBIT!!!

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Monty Python movies
Pizza delivered
A lower back rub
My little dog running around superfast, making sharp turns with his eyes bugging out of his head. We call this Rocket Dog.


My two little girls. :)

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