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What's your favourite type of chocolate?

Asked by MilkyWay (13730points) May 24th, 2011

Dark chocolate, White chocolate or Milk chocolate?
Personally I lurve dark chocolate :D
Please, no flavours/ingredients.
Thanks jellies :)

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Milk chocolate! Well, I also really like Ghanaian dark chocolate. It was seriously the best tasting dark chocolate I ever had and it was a gift! I’d buy more if I knew where to get it…

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I guess milk chocolate, because it’s the most prevalent. It seemed like when I was younger, white and dark were special commodities.

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Dark, the darker the better.

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German Chocolate and white chocolate.

Brian1946's avatar

Dark and semi-sweet.

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I hate white chocolate. It just doesn’t taste right.

Dark is the best.

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White chocolate with hazelnuts or milk chocolate with hazelnuts and raisins.

ucme's avatar

Milk, I think. I don’t get to eat much chocolate though, COZ THE WIFE PINCHES IT ALL, THE GREEDY CO…..!! XD

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@ragingloli MMMMMmmMMMMMMMmmmmmmMmMmMMM :)

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Anything but white chocolate!!! I so dislike white chocolate, tastes like plastic.

My favorite is dark chocolate drizzled over @blueiiznh,……..mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Shall I start licking now?

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@creative1 ^Nice ;)
@ragingloli You enjoy breakin the rules don’t ya XD

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Is “in my mouth”, an answer?

It’s the only one I can honestly say. Like all kinds.

MilkyWay's avatar

Quite a lot of dark delight lovers I see :)

erichw1504's avatar

The melted kind all over a nekked lady!

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Milk Chocolate.

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@etignotasanimum I bet this is the Ghanaian chocolate you loved (so do I). You can get it online or at Whole foods. Definitely one of the best retail chocolates out there. And it’s fair trade, so the growers get a better cut of the proceeds.

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I guess I would have to say milk chocolate since you don’t have an option for light brown chocolate ;)
Mmmm now I am craving some chocolate… darng it! I cannot eat chocolate because I am cutting on unhealthy foods plus I just came from soccer practice and now its time for some crunches and push ups.

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I love them all, though I tend to favor milk.

YoBob's avatar

Milk chocolate.

Hibernate's avatar

With peanuts ^^

erichw1504's avatar

With bacon ^^

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My family thinks I’m strange but I don’t care for chocolate.

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Milk chocolate is probably my favorite, but I really don’t prefer plain chocolate. Even as a little kid I would get plain chocolates (Hershey’s kisses, chocolate bars, various candies for holidays) and I never really liked them that much. It has to include nuts or be stuffed with something else for me to like it. But still, dark chocolate is definitely my least favorite with white chocolate being in the middle.

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This will probably get me kicked out of the sisterhood, but I don’t care much for chocolate, usually. just think of it as more available for you

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Ok, the ultimate candy bar (we’ll call it a “Fluther” for now…):

A thick cut slice of smokey bacon enrobed in a generous layer of milk chocolate followed by a covering of crushed mixed nuts and finished with a thin dark chocolate coating to hold it all together.

(Perhaps it should include a listing of the phone numbers of the world’s top cardiologists on the inside of the wrapper…)

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You can now state what chocolate you like best, ( basically include the ingredients and such) Have fun!

Blackberry's avatar

I like any chocolate with nuts in it. They should make a bar with every kind of nut in it. That’d be sweet.

MilkyWay's avatar

@Ron_C and @Blueroses You should be ashamed of yourselves…

erichw1504's avatar

[NSFW] This is my favorite kind of chocolate.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

DARK CHOCOLATE is the yummiest of the yummy!

erichw1504's avatar

@Blackberry You’re a genius. It will be like the cans of mixed nuts, but in a chocolate bar!

Blueroses's avatar

@queenie But who else could you trust to guard your chocolate stash? You can be sure I won’t nick any. I still have a bag of Snickers and Reese’s from Halloween :)

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@Blueroses Good point. Give me the chocolate and I’ll forgive you ;)

Ron_C's avatar

@queenie yes, I’m ashamed and never admit it except for here. I will often accept a piece of chocolate and “misplace it later”.

@YoBob YUCK!

Jude's avatar

Lauryn Hill

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I like it when it has NUTS

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Milk chocolate.

SpatzieLover's avatar

Chocolate covered salty potato chips…or just eat a potato chip and a chunk o’ chocolate at the same time…

Also, Nutella by the spoonful (w/a wee bit o’ almond butter to add some nuttiness).

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bob_'s avatar

@noelleptc Was that double entendre?

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

I like dark chocolate.:)

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gondwanalon's avatar

@YoBob That sounds so so yummy! You make my mouth water! Add an extra layer of bacon and top it with a dallop of lard and you have a for sure winner!

wundayatta's avatar

Orange chocolate

Julietxx3's avatar

ahh milk chocolate (: mmmh.

aprilsimnel's avatar

Dark with ~70% cacao. Too much more is too bitter for me, and these days milk chocolate is too sweet, though I rarely turn it down. White chocolate? Forget it, ugh.

ucme's avatar

Yorkie bar! It’s not for girls. :¬)

MilkyWay's avatar

@ucme I know… and I’ve ate em! :P

ucme's avatar

@queenie My daughter loves em too :¬P

YoBob's avatar

@gondwanalon – How about two strips of bacon held together with lard as the central core?

King_Pariah's avatar

70%-90% cacao.

Stinley's avatar

Milk. Not 100%, that was the most inedible chocolate ever.

Sunny2's avatar

Dark chocolate with: mint; toffee; ginger; orange; rum; lemon; dark cherries; raisins or vanilla creme. Oh, and plain, by itself.

MilkyWay's avatar

@Sunny2 ^ Now that’s what I’m talkin bout!

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@erichw1504 Now I want chocolate the Karma Sutra way too…….

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@queenie Be my guest!

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Dark chocolate!

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Dark-ish, but not too dark. I also like chocolatewith nuts in, especially hazlenuts.

Can’t stand white chocolate. It doesn’t even taste like chocolate.

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Milk. I don’t care for the bitter taste of dark – and before you tell me “You just need to try good dark chocolate, not that crap at the grocery store”, I have had lots of gourmet, nice chocolate, and I still don’t like it. White just isn’t chocolate, so much as this vile imitation thingy. Like Velvetta and other “cheese type foods”.

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Milk, mmmhh.
I’m partial to a bit of dark choc, white choc, mint choc, hot choc, honeycomb, etc, etc, etc.

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I am dark chocolate.

Blueroses's avatar

I hear that with your Darth Vader voice @everephebe

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Milk Chocolate.

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I hate chocolate. Except if it is very dark (75% at least) and very fine brand, anything but hershey! I’m not a lindt fan either, more of a ghirardelli or godiva or something. It has to be in the fridge so when I eat it it is nice and cold and cracks. I like white chocolate, too, though it can be really fake.

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Milk chocolate or semisweet with orange or raspberry jel

gondwanalon's avatar

@YoBob Yes that will work well especially if it is then dipped in crushed butter Cheetos then deep-fat fried and served piping hot. That would make a delicious after dinner snack along with a nice Havana cigar!

Russell_D_SpacePoet's avatar

Free is the best chocolate.

iphigeneia's avatar

Dark chocolate, mmmm. It makes me feel sophisticated, and it’s more fun to slowly devour, piece by piece.

YoBob's avatar

Wow, I want to party wity hou @gondwanalon! @Blueroses doesn’t know what (s)he is missing.

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The only chocolate I really love (I can take or leave the rest) is Lindt milk chocolate. I don’t like dark or white chocolate and even milk chocolate (other than Lindt) doesn’t excite me but Lindt is incredible.

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Thanks for answering guys!

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