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Pretend that vampires are real- What do you do with your family after you're turned?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23147points) May 18th, 2011

For the sake of the question, let’s say there really are vampires. One night, something happens and you’re bitten, turning YOU into a vampire.

What do you do about your family and close friends? What if you’re married with children?

Do you turn them also, so that you can be together forever, or do you leave them to their humanity?

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My first victim is my sister. XD

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Turning your loved ones never really worked out in the Anne Rice series. You may think it’s obvious to just turn them and live happily ever after forever, but it didn’t work out that way most of the time.

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Straight off the bat i’m going to eat the wife out….nothing new there then.
As for my kids, well I don’t even want to go there coz it’ll make me blubber like a baby & stuff!

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I’d probably ask the people I care about first to see if they’d even want that lifestyle. If they said yes, then we’d be some sort of super-vampire-family-thing. If not, then I would try to find some way to live with them for as long as possible, and once they had all died off I would try to find a way to finish myself off as well so I wouldn’t be alone for the rest of forever. I know it sounds a bit dramatic, but that’s my honest answer.

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I bite the neighbors on either side of my old neighbor and pull up a chair with my cam-corder ready to go.

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I’d run away from home and leave them to it. I’d be a serious danger to them and I’d want to keep them safe.

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I’m not sure. There are not a lot of people I’d want to share eternity with in my family. I would probably gift it on a few of my friends and on my wife and children, but only if they wanted it.

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I would move to Monaco in search for a guy that was grinding upon me yesterday at a concert and marry him but not turn him.
Just like Elena and Stefan.. (except that they aren’t married)

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Nothing would change at all. I am nocturnal already.

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It depends on how much it blows to be a vampire. If it’s painful, hell no, if it’s alright, yeah, why not. Though, it could open some possibilities for insanely kinky sex that I could try, hypothetically assuming this happens five years from now..

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Nothing would really change at all… I would just have a decent excuse to stay up late and not attend family meals :P

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I don’t know if I could do it. I remember in the Daybreakers movie, I think that was the film, one girl vampire killed herself because she was a child for a very long time. I can only imagine how hard that is for a child to see their friends get older and they are stuck in child form forever.

If my instincts didn’t completely take over I would maybe watch over them so they didn’t become someone else’s meal.

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I’d fake my death and so my insurance would go to my children – if I had any. If not, then I’d just leave and never return.

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I’d throw sparkles all over myself and walk around like a total nut for the rest of the week.

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I wouldn’t want to traumatize them with what I’ve become. If vampires were real, it would almost certainly mean that God exists. I’d hope that my family would find God in a better way, than through eternal damnation, even if it wasn’t directed at them.
The vampire is not a happy creature, and is often defined through regret, sorrow and anger. No need to wave that curse around. I’d seemingly vanish.
But sometimes, a wolf, owl or bat might be keeping silent watch over my loved ones, in the night…

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@Symbeline can I just say I adore your responses? Truthfully they’re soo cool.

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Aaaw, thank you. ^^

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