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How come you can't always make any sense of some things and only have to go through them?

Asked by Hibernate (9091points) October 16th, 2011

This can be for any situation… for when a close friend/family member dies unexpected; when you get dumped for no reason; when you hear you [or someone close] got a terminal disease; when you feel like being on top of the world… etc
How come we can’t explain some of them but we still have to go through them?

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Through adversity is born strength.

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Loss of perspective.

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Because, contrary to what many would have you believe, we are still very limited creatures and cannot comprehend everything.

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Shakespeare recognized life as drama and mirth both. We are all on a vast stage of life with many plots and we play a minor part in most of them as only a small part of life is directly under our influence. We all do well to keep as sharp as we can for all the unfoldimgs and be sire to cultivate at least one relationship you can support each other through thick and thin. Just like in the physical world both sunshine and rain are needful, in our inner worlds we need gladness and sorrow to make us true of heart. Please forgive typos, prepared on cell phone.

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My reaction probably won’t be your reaction. We are experiential beings.

Besides nothing is ever going to happen to me lol.

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The connections that our emotions have with our body are hardwired into our brains. Even though we may try to eschew our emotions, they just are blocked temporarily in our bodies. The only way to release them is to process them.

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I agree with @CaptainHarley, and because time marches on regardless. What choice do we have but to get through it (the traumatic event)?

In the end, we try to make sense of it the best we can. And, as @tranquilsea says, everyone’s reaction will be different.

“We are experiential beings.”
I love this line!

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That’s what life is – living. The good and the bad are mostly random, and none of it really means anything.

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I’d have to largely agree with @CaptainHarley and @YARNLADY Life is life, and we don’t really understand much of anything. Why? I don’t understand that, either. I guess because we live in a world where we’re taught to live by absolutes when our minds, I personally believe, are built to think subjectively.
Why we can’t understand certain things, and understand others, is beyond me. I believe that Darwin hit the nail, so to me, everything we do and think only serves to propel evolution forward, or at least maintain it, all the way down to whether or not you clip your toenails. But that’s another plate of Pop Tarts at this point.

I guess emotions are odd in this respect, since they make you think something, while they might have a completely different purpose for manifesting themselves? I denno.

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“The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.”

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Because looking at something from the outside, as an observer, can never be the same as actually going through it. That seems obvious but it kind is the way it is. There are just things you simply cannot understand until they happen to you or you go through them. If you’ve never driven a car you can imagine it, you can have an opinion of it, you can think you know what it’s like but you don’t know what it’s like to drive a car until you actually drive a car. Life is like that too.

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Some people learn by experiencing themselves.
Others by observation etc
Life is predictable..someone somewhere is going to die,get sick,get dumped andso on.
Why would you think that you are excluded?
Maybe this teaches us that the unexpected will happen sometime.
In the meantime take care of yourself and know that you will get throught it.
You will be stronger.

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