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How would you rank the major sports?

Asked by tedd (14073points) May 18th, 2011

Ranking by your own personal opinion of them, as in which do you like more. The major sports in this case being Soccer, US Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey… and just to be nice, Golf and Tennis.

Feel free to plug in another sport if you value it more.

My own list
1) US Football


2) Basketball
3) Baseball
4) Golf
5) Hockey
6) Tennis
7) Soccer

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If I had to pick a top one, I would say Soccer, because of the display of skill in cardio and agility. I actually think all sports are equally skillful, just in different ways.

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1. Hockey
2. Baseball

That’s all I’ll watch. I can’t bring myself to watch any other sports, except for the Olympics.

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I would have liked it much better if we were asked to rate these sports on a scale from 1 to 10.

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Okay i’m going to largely ignore US sports as I don’t like them.
My own faves are as follows…

1: Football….that’s soccer to the yanks.
2: Boxing
3: F1
4: Tennis
5: Golf
6: Snooker
7: Darts
8: Cycling
9: Track & field
10: Rugby

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Professional football (NFL)
ML Baseball
College football
NBA Basketball
College Basketball
NHL Hockey
MLS Soccer

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1. Association football (Soccer)

There are no other major sports. Seriously, it is played and watched by people in every country at every level of society. There are children in africa that have no access to TV that can name the entire Man United squad.

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1.American football.They have the best uniforms.;)
2.Golf,because I like it. So there.

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As far as sports I’ll watch on tv, the only two from your list are soccer and baseball. As for sports I’m willing to play, the list goes:
2. Baseball
4 and 5 do not exist.
@ucme @rebbel I’ve never heard of snooker before, how do you play it?

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Association football (soccer)


US Football

@etignotasanimum Snooker is a pool derivative (or vice-versa) that doesn’t use numbered balls, but uses color coded balls. It’s similar to nine ball in you have to sink balls in order, but after you sink a red ball (worth one point) you can sink a different colored ball for more points (the other colored ball is replaced on the table after you sink it). Most points at the end wins. That’s the fast, probably ignoring half the rules description anyway.

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Minor league baseball- before the steroids and obscene salaries kick in


everything else

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@etignotasanimum Just think of it as intellectual pool, like chess on a bigger table ;¬}

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I couldn’t have said it better than @amujinx did, @etignotasanimum , except that after you sunk a red ball you must sink a colored ball.
There are 10 red balls and six colored balls, with points worth of 2 to 7.
Reds are worth 1 point.
Total clearance, in one go, is 147 points.
Google/Youtube Ronnie O’Sullivan to see (one of the) greatest players at work.

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1) Calvinball
2) Quidditch
3) Curling
4) Midget Bowling
5) Roller Derby

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NBA (playoffs only)
Australian-rules football

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@rebbel Err, make that 15 reds. I mean, come on ;¬}

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Hockey….with a small side dish of Football (Soccer), Lacrosse and CFL.

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You play it with fifteen reds over there @ucme ? ;-)
My bad.

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