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Why do people act like Iron Maiden is satanic over 1 song/album?

Asked by EddieTheHead (68points) May 18th, 2011

I mean, sure it’s really offensive to a lot of people and some songs do the same but I don’t think they are satanic Iron Maiden only made one album with the saying “Number Of The Beast” It’s pretty stupid. I need the answer.

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People think a lot of things. That doesn’t make it true.

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A lot of people tend to be very impressionable and very stupid. It’s not a great combination.

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Some people also said jazz was the devil’s music. I think it’s best for all of our brain’s not to try to figure out why some fundamentalists think certain things are “of the devil”. Or maybe we should find one and ask them.

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Those people who think that Iron Maiden is satanic are stupid. I mean, I really like Iron Maiden, I think that “Number Of The Beast” is a great album, and I believe that the band is not satanic.
People often jump to conclusions without thinking.. many bands have been accused of being satanists, but they’re not.

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