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What is behind your username?

Asked by MilkyWay (13711points) May 18th, 2011

Don’t answer if you don’t feel comfortable discussing it, no worries.
So, what lies behind your choice of the username you have?
Druthering, random, some silly thing or something else?
Please do share as I’m very curious :)

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My name is Kate and “Kate the Great” is my nickname. One of my friends used to call me Kate the Great because I seemed to do everything and I never let it stop me.

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EddieTheHead, I Like Iron Maiden I Only Listen To Them And Also My Friends Call Me Ed The Head (Even Though That’s Not My Name

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Same pronunciation, just a different, funkier spelling of my first name.

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my initials

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A girl who I have loved for a long time, who also happens to be one of my best friends, who also happens to be someone I met years ago on Answerbag once said to me: “You’re such a bastard…. you… you…. fiddle playing creole bastard!”

The name stuck.

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I chose HungryGuy as my non-de-plume back when I first started writing bizarre kinky sex horror stories, and I just continued using it for my overall internet identity…

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It is a nicknamenicknamenickname.;)

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Did that girl have a duck-related user name at AB? ;-)

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Brian is my birth name and 1946 is my birth year.

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My momma gave it to me when I was born.

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A long time ago, I was joking with my sister about how strange it was to have a kitten taking naps on top of my breasts, because I had such minute boobs and normally nothing can stay atop them. Minute boobs struck us as an awesome band name, should I ever feel compelled to form a band. This is simply a funnier spelling of “minute”, and of course, now that I’ve gained a bit of weight, my boobs aren’t quite so minute any more.

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Nothing, really. I used to be really into fairies when I came up with it, way back in the nineties. The odd spelling is because the correct ways were taken. Tiny? Well because fairies are reputed to be small.

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I am usually a pretty creative person by nature so it came to me when setting this up….. its the first time I have ever used it as a username for anything.

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My regular internet handle is HouseMouse – my childhood nickname. When I signed on at Fluther my sister was a regular and I didn’t want her to recognize me because my first question was intensely personal, so I created a different username: supernutjob. Because of the subject she figured out it was me immediately! I asked if I could change my username and the powers that be said I could as long kept part of my original name so a SuperMouse was born.

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I’m on my school newspaper and I was at one point the only freshman there so they called me the intern. I’m now editor of that paper, but the name has stuck.

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starsofeight is short for seven stars of eight, and is based on Orion. You have to look really really hard to see that there are actually eights stars.

It reminds me that no matter who I really am or what I actually do, I am still subject to the limited image that others have settled on.

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@SuperMouse Why did you have to keep part of your original name?

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I like the name for a boy. I like the song.

That’s about it.

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@Brian1946, you know exactly who I’m talking about, my friend ;-)

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I prefer the abstract over the purely physical. I also like math.

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Under the orange tree.

(just kidding..)

Mine is from the movie Excalibur. Towards the end, just before the final battle against his nephew-son Mordred, king Arthur pays a visit to his estranged wife Guenevere for some friendly chit-chat (they hadn’t seen each other in some twenty odd years, so they had a bit of catching up to do). During their wrinkler’s reunion he said to her “I was not meant to live a man’s life, but to be the stuff of Future Memory”.

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@MyNewtBoobs those were the rules back then, they have slackened slightly since the old days!

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I used my husband’s name and the color of my hair. The cute part was when my husband joined about two weeks after me and came up with his username Blondesjon. Boy did we confuse a lot of Flutherites for a few weeks there!

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because i have two blue eyes and live in new hampster

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@blueiiznh Where exactly is this new hampster you speak of? Is it next to New Guinea Pig?

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It is twist on the name of this character. I came up with it when joining another site where new users had a limited selection of last names to choose from and could make up any first name. I like plays on words, so when I saw ‘Pfeffer’ as an option, it just sort of jumped out at me. Just to keep it simple, it got used again when I joined Fluther.

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@MyNewtBoobs yep…just another wheel over

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I picked “fundevogel” because “Aarne-Thompson 313A” is really hard to remember.

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It’s just my name… No cool story behind it. AshLeigh.(:

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@jonsblond yes…very confused haha
I typed in @blondesjon at first

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Mine is from a play by William Shakespeare called Cymbeline. I changed the C to an S to be funky.
Although the inspiration was there when I made my Answerbag account, I used that on Fluther because I didn’t feel like thinking up something new. I totally love Cymbeline (A Midsummer Night’s Dream as well as Hamlet) but I kind of wish I had chosen another name for this site. Like Chainsaw, or Xena. Or Yorick’s Skull. But the mods won’t let me change it, will they? XD

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Recently heard the word for the first time before joining. Thought it was a great, funny word. Didn’t know I misspelled it, but I like it better this way. Makes for lots of dick jokes.

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I wish I had a cool story for my name, but truth is, I really don’t remember why I chose this one.

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I love to cook and I discovered Indian food a number of years ago. I found out that this awe-inspiring Indian dessert called Kheer, had Cardamom spice as one of the ingredients. Cardamom is what gives a seemingly simple rice pudding its unique, yet elusive flavor.

I take tons of photographs and I just loved this hilarious yellow squash that I saw at the county fair, even though after I posted it, I kind of thought I probably should have used a Cardamom pod. But now I love my little squash.

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@Kardamom I believe that Cardamom is good for your teeth, too. I see it on gum packages a lot.

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First initial, last name. Simple, but boring as hell.

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@Kardamom Haha, I knew that your username had nothing to do with various ways to spell ’‘demon’’ but every time I see it, I imagine the last M turning into an N so it says kar-daymon lol.
Interesting, I had no idea what cardamom was. At one point I kind of figured you might have had a daughter named Karda.

Username histories are awesome. :D Debunks all this weird shit I imagine. XD

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I’ve been thinking of changing it to pH_daniel though.

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Mine is a reference to The Glass Menagerie – “He used to call me – Blue Roses.”
It was the very first scene I ever performed in front of an audience. It stuck with me.
@Symbeline your name suits you
@everephebe you just can’t get away from the naked thing today, can you?

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@Symbeline LOL That is so funny that you were imagining my name to have something to do with demons! I guess you might think that after I sent you all those silly “scary” TV show links from the 70’s.

A lot of people have never heard of or tasted Cardamom. It’s used in a lot of Indian food and also the Scandinavian countries use it a lot in their cookies and cakes. It has one of the most alluring scents I’ve ever smelled. It’s kind of like cinnamon and nutmeg got together for one hot night of passion. You should try it!

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I always liked the story behind Pandora. Hope remained.
Sometimes that is all we have.

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@Blueroses It’s rather hard, natural state and all. :D

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I like variants of “velo” because it’s an old short name for bicycles (velocipedes). And there is an old zen story:

A Zen Teacher saw five of his students return from the market, riding their bicycles. When they had dismounted, the teacher asked the students,

“Why are you riding your bicycles?”

The first student replied, “The bicycle is carrying this sack of potatoes. I am glad that I do not have to carry them on my back!”

The teacher praised the student, saying, “You are a smart boy. When you grow old, you will not walk hunched over, as I do.”

The second student replied, “I love to watch the trees and fields pass by as I roll down the path.”

The teacher commended the student, “Your eyes are open and you see the world.”

The third student replied, “When I ride my bicycle, I am content to chant, nam myoho renge kyo.”

The teacher gave praise to the third student, “Your mind will roll with the ease of a newly trued wheel.”

The fourth student answered, “Riding my bicycle, I live in harmony with all beings.”

The teacher was pleased and said, “You are riding on the golden path of non-harming.”

The fifth student replied, “I ride my bicycle to ride my bicycle.”

The teacher went and sat at the feet of the fifth student, and said, “I am your disciple.”

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@Kardamom You sure do have a lot of knowledge on scary/silly stuff. Still checking those links out btw. But the whole demon association thing; it’s a good thing, trust me. :)
I’ll try cardamom if I can find some. I’m a real fan of ultra spicy stuff though.

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My internet handles are either tranquilsea or tempestuoussea depending on my mood. I happened to be feeling calm when I joined.

I love the ocean. I can spend hours just watching the tide come in and head out. My absolute favourite time to be by the ocean is during a storm when the waves are as high as I am and everything is tempestuous.

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Mine is the result of me being the most creative mother-fucker you will ever find on the Internet.

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@johnpowell Your name confuses the crap out of me, because it isn’t actually your name.


I always wear well-shined men’s black leather dress shoes to work every day. One day as I was walking to my car to go to work, a little kid with a poker nose, big crooked teeth, and long brown bangs rode by on his bike and yelled out “Good morning Mr. Shiny Shoes!!” The boy grinned devilishly from ear to ear, and for weeks afterwards during that year, I regularly saw him ride by my house in the mornings on his little red bike. And everytime it was the same thing from the little fellow “Good morning Mr. Shiny Shoes!” Such was his habit of greeting me in the mornings, the moniker stuck and became a nickname for me with a few other kids in my neighbourhood. Now even my wife occasionally pokes fun at me and calls me that! Aghhh!

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@MRSHINYSHOES That’s awesome. :)

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@MRSHINYSHOES That is super-cute : )

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Faye is my name. Yawn, how boring. I wish I had been more creative but, honestly, I’m sick of trying to remember what name goes with what!

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I took my first initial, added a generic alliterative term and my birthday, and bing, username. I was twelve when I made it, and it was just easier to stick with it for all these years. Before that, I used the name of a superhero I devised when I was nine, though I didn’t name him until I was ten, whom I called The Electricater. It’s a pretty cheesy name, not succinct at all, and very ill-fitting for the total mindblowing awesomeness of his powers, so I dropped it. Also, it was too difficult to remember and explain to people. I mean, imagine a ten year old talking to another ten year old about AIM screen names, and giving them something like The Electricater! I always had to write it down for them, and ten year olds lose little torn off pieces of paper with screen names on them, not to mention that it should probably be ‘or’ instead of ‘er’. Also, there’s some sort of self-charging generator called that that came out a century ago! that’s not cool.. I just stopped digging it after a coupla years.

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@zenvelo That’s a great story. It was succinct and profound and doesn’t demote anything, it merely promotes.



When the kid greeted me like that all the time, he grinned and chuckled like a little devil. He was about 6 or 7, and had the most mischievous smile. It was quite clever of the boy, looking back in retrospect, to call me that, because I always do like my shoes well-shined to the point of being obsessed with neatness and grooming. He caught me totally off guard that day, and I have to admit, I didn’t have a good comeback for his clever remark. Agggh!!

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I could say my name is A.M. Wise but that would be a lie. When I first happened upon this site, I thought to myself I am wiser in life than I have ever been so I chose AmWiser. Of course after joining, I’ve realized I don’t know nothin’ compared to rest of the community but I AmWiser in my own life.

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Still a pun on my real name.

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Nothing other than my total adoration for and addiction to chocolate.

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First I was a bad ass. Then I was crazy. Now I take things wun day at a time.

Under the orange tree.

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I didn’t put a lot of thought into it when I picked my name but I really like it and it fits. I like gardening, I am a Virgo (earth sign) , and I like to think that I am very down to earth. I also prefer being on land to being at sea. Whenever I go on a boat, even if I enjoy it, I can’t help but feel a little relieved when I get to set foot on solid ground again! I also love nature and get a lot of spiritual renewal from being in nature. It is so essential to me. I know there are a lot of other people with this name online so I feel lucky that I was the first to reach Fluther.

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There is a historical marker at 4 mile crossing on Ft Sill, Ok. It describes an incident where Indians attacked the post and murdered a woodcutter there. I imagined myself being there doing what I do ,cutting wood, which is pretty brutal work in and of itself, then seeing a crowd of pissed off attackers looking to kill me. Christ man I’m just a woodcutter, not the govt.

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At 17 I used to cruise around in my 1968 Camaro because I had nothing better to do….years later, I still Cruiser around now for the same reason…

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@Cruiser Having a reason is fucking bullshit. As long as you enjoy it, keep on cruisn’ :)

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Rare rhymes with bear.

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@Rarebear called me a Rocket Scientist. As a matter of fact, I am!

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@Rarebear And you are a rare bear indeed, my friend. A rather articulate and intelligent one, I must say. :-)

Mine came from my former work. I spent many years designing, setting up servicing and training users to handle robotics to assemble summiniature electronic circuits and to test tiny components before assembly. When that work moved offshore in 1985, I set up a company consulting with US and off-shore forms on issues of automation and testing. I called it ET Productions because all it produced was Electronics Technology. And even though I switched to building Web site in the mid 90s when the WWW part of the Internet was just coming into widespread use in the scientific community, I stuck with the name. So ETpro for short.

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It’s my real name ;-) And what’s behind it? A checkered past.

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Some of these are so interesting!
Mine unfortunately is not.

Age 13 I joined and did not want to be found there by “real life” friends. The usernames I usually use are pretty distinctive and a google search could have turned me up. At the time I liked the name Mariah, it was used in a song I liked, and it seemed pretty anonymous. I don’t like the name much anymore but I brought the moniker with me to fluther so that former AiROWians would recognize me.

ETpro's avatar

@Mariah You can’t possibly be old enough to be referring to this song.

Rarebear's avatar

@ETpro Thanks! The “bear” by the way comes from the fact that I’m a fan of the University of California Golden Bears.

Blueroses's avatar

—@ETpro Sure. @Mariah could also know the song from Paint Your Wagon. I learned it in elementary school music and it was filmed many years before I was born. Great song!

Brian1946's avatar


“Great song!”

I agree, and I first heard it in the summer of ‘62.

Mariah's avatar

@ETpro @Blueroses Nah, prepare to be disappointed. This was the song. Don’t judge, I was 13.
Hope that link works: I’m FFP right now (fluthering from phone – can that be a new acronym?)

Blueroses's avatar

Nope. Sorry @Mariah, it’s an FFP fail. Link only goes to youtube home page

Mariah's avatar

@Blueroses Nnnnnoooooo! Next time I’m on my computer I’ll link it, till then I suppose you could do a youtube search for God Send Conspirator by Coheed and Cambria and click the third one down if you’re morbidly curious.

Blueroses's avatar

gotcha @Mariah. Nothing wrong with that song!

ETpro's avatar

@Blueroses & @Mariah Wow, I love the original Broadway version too. Thanks for posting the link.

The play debuted in 1951, and that was befoie I had developed any interest in Broadway Musicals. I first encountered it when the Kingston Trio recorded it in 1959. And after all these years, I still love the song.

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When I was a teenager I was a big nerd for J.R.R. Tolkien. Lord of the Rings wasn’t enough, so I devoured the Silmarillion, the History of Middle Earth series, and Lost Tales.

All this ancient middle earth stuff was full of elves and gods and people like that having epic battles, but Haleth stood out because she was a human and still managed to be a real tough chick. Also, hardly anyone ever takes it as a username and it has a nice simple sound. I hate being the second one to get to a username and adding numbers and characters and stuff on top of it.

Going by my interests nowadays, I’d have probably chosen the name “Assyrtiko,” which is a dry white wine from Greece. It has a neat sound and tells you pretty much everything you need to know about me: I like hot, sunny places, loafing around, and drinking wine.

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Well I missed all the fun on this one, never mind.
Mine’s just the result of a random lazy mind, couldn’t be bothered to think of a name. First shit that popped into my head at the time ;¬}

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I just changed my name because my original name was actually my real name (with a bit of embellishment). Some lovely jellies helped me pick this one. It is explained in my profile. I didn’t want to keep using my other name because it is too close to my real name.

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Rooey was one of my favorite dogs of all time. He moved to Australia with me and stayed with me until I was settled, then he died in my arms at age 11 which was a good age for a guy of his breed. The too was added because of a mix up with my isp here and I couldn’t just use Rooey!

I am listening to the Kingston Trio sing Mariah right this minute, haven’t heard it or thought of it for years and I am loving it. Thanks for posting that link. Next I am going to listen to Greenback Dollar and who know where I will go from there.

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I am at one with fluther.

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I have several, but the particular one on fluther came from a railroad car.. I live within a hundred foot of a triple railed railroad track (three tracks) so we get trains quite often.. One of my pastimes is setting up my trusty camcorder and taking pictures as they pass then I put it in my computer, run it until I come to a neat grafitti, snap a picture of it and place it in a special folder that has hundrds of other graffiti cars.. Well one day I ran across this graffiti that I couldn’t interpret (it was drawn so funky) finally I read it as ‘chewhorse’ (the horses rear-end caused the confusion).. I thought it a very strange but unique description and so I adopted it.. I use it on two other sites as well.

XOIIO's avatar

The characters in my knick resemble letters from a secret code I know.

ucme's avatar

Wow, no lurve for a username….really? @queenie Quick, come save me from this indignation girl ;¬}

Seelix's avatar

Diana Seelix is a minor character on Battlestar Galactica. I used the name for a World of Warcraft character, to go along with a couple of other characters I had named that way (Inviere and Thrayce). Seelix became my main character.

I just like how it sounds – sort of robotic. It makes me think of when I used to moderate a forum, and for some reason the members decided that I was a robot.

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Just a boring username I have used in the past. It’s my first name (Erich), then the first initial of my middle name and finally the date my now wife and I started dating.

Wish I had a different one now, but it’s too late for that.

wundayatta's avatar

Lately, I’ve been thinking I’ve outgrown my current name. I can’t change it, but if I could, I wonder what name would work.

blueiiznh's avatar

Prior to blueiiz is was meltedbutter. A former SO gave me that name because she said that is what my kisses made her feel like. she also nicked me a s sweetbuns, butt I was not about to use that.

erichw1504's avatar

@blueiiznh Hmm, I think I prefer sweetbuns.

blueiiznh's avatar

@erichw1504 hence my decision

creative1's avatar

I have different usernames depending on what site I am on, I used to use the same one all the time but I like having different ones everywhere I go. Now I don’t even use my old one which was just my first name with my dob nothing special, now at least its different.

erichw1504's avatar

My original username for Fluther was going to be fluffybunnies69, but decided it just wasn’t the right fit for me.

rebbel's avatar

rebegun; have nothing to do with it

rebels; do have to do with it

and the fact that the first three letters make up my initials

poisonedantidote's avatar

I like strange verbal contradictions and paradoxes.

I have also used “iHateNumbersInNames9” as a username on other sites.

erichw1504's avatar

erst; have nothing to do with it

erich; do have to do with it

and the fact that my name can be spelled many different ways.

Skaggfacemutt's avatar

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard How funny! That is how I got my user name, too. My husband would say, “you skagg-face mutt!” Teasing, of course.

Ladymia69's avatar

Ever since I first got on the internet in 1995 at 15, I have had the same “screen name”. I use it for all of my identities on all of my websites. :)

My thinking behind it was, I loved the movie Pulp Fiction when it came out, so I used the name Mia. I wanted respect in the way of an old dame, so I used Lady before that, and I was interested in the concept of 69 as a sexual position and as a year. like i said, I was 15 then.

erichw1504's avatar

@ladymia69 Insteresting… I see you have a Blogger, YouTube, WordPress, MySpace, twitter, Hulu, tumblr, Disqus,, deviantART, LiveJournal, Stumble Upon, yfrog, and Kongregate account.

Seelix's avatar

@erichw1504 – I just checked “Seelix” and the name is taken at a bunch of places. None of them are me.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

Holy cow, there are accounts with my username for blogger, Youtube, Myspace, Bebo, Xanga, Tumblr and a few others. None of them are my accounts. Interestingly though, my POGO username is still apparently 100% unique!! =0)

Vunessuh's avatar

Only people from Youtube and Ebay have stolen my username! WOO. Uh, unless those are me. I can’t remember..

Skaggfacemutt's avatar

Funny, I don’t have a problem with people stealing my username! I wonder why…...

erichw1504's avatar

@Skaggfacemutt Yeah, that’s weird. Your’s seems like it’d be pretty common.

zenvelo's avatar

Wow! There’s a zenvelo on Facebook (not me) and a bicycle store in England named ZenVelo.

I should have registered my name when I started using it elsewhere 7 years ago…

SavoirFaire's avatar

Ultimately, my username comes from a song by They Might Be Giants. The phrase means “know-how” in French. I never use the same identity twice online, so anyone using this name on another site is not me.

Mariah's avatar

@SavoirFaire Awesome, what song? I love TMBG.

Kardamom's avatar

@SavoirFaire Now here I was thinking all this time that your name came from a cartoon mouse named Savoir Faire that used to be on Klondike Kat. The mouse’s catch phrase was “Savoir Faire is everywhere!” said with a French accent.

SavoirFaire's avatar

@Mariah The song is “Extra Savoir-Faire” from John Henry.

@Kardamom I’m more of a wascally wabbit guy myself.

Raven_Rising's avatar

@Kardamom One of my favorite shortbread recipes call for a little bit of cinnamon and cardamom to give it a little oomph…good stuff!

@blueiiznh Just curious but whereabouts in NH? @jerv and I lived in Southern NH for several years

@MyNewtBoobs So that explains it! I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out your username. Well-played!

@zenvelo Awesome story!

As for me, It was a combination of my fondness for Edgar Allan Poe and my admiration of corvids.

Raven_Rising's avatar

BTW- do you know why a raven is like a writing desk?
Because Poe wrote on both!

MilkyWay's avatar

Thank you guys :)
Some of the responses are laugh out loud funny ;D

Ladymia69's avatar

@erichw1504 Now you know where to find me!

Hypocrisy_Central's avatar

Blasting hole in the BS and hypocrisy many have in their believe that is not supported by any logic or reason.

HungryGuy's avatar

@Hypocrisy_Central – I second that with a vengeance!

Nimis's avatar

@Cruiser You mean…I cruise around in my 1968 Camaro to cruise around in my 1968 Camaro.

Plucky's avatar

My nickname is about myself well as my dog. We are both incredibly plucky. I used my dog because, well, his pictures are so much cuter. I also find that dogs, in general, are a determined species. The name Plucky came from my partner shortly after we met.

I copied and pasted my answer from my own question I just asked Fluther ..not realizing it was asked so recently.

disenchanted_poisongirl's avatar

The names of two songs I really like. Disenchanted, and Poison Girl.

there’s no story behind my name

@jailbait what about your username?

MilkyWay's avatar

@disenchanted_poisongirl Just a nickname some other jellies on here gave me.

disenchanted_poisongirl's avatar

@jailbait and you had an other username before? (I’m asking because you said that some jellies on here gave you that nickname, and I’m curious about how it happened)

MilkyWay's avatar

@disenchanted_poisongirl My name was queenie just two days ago. I don’t exactly know why they call me that to be honest :P

wildpotato's avatar

@SavoirFaire I’d guessed that your name came from Pavement’s song Embassy Row. Apparently I need to brush up on my TMBG.

SavoirFaire's avatar

@wildpotato I am a Pavement fan, but my usernames tend to be a bit nerdier in origin than that!

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