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What activities do you do more often on the internet now than you used to do physically?

Asked by erichw1504 (26417points) May 19th, 2011

Shopping, playing games, talking to people, working, watching movies, reading news etc…

The internet has revolutionized the way us humans interact and do things. What is something you used to do more often physically with or without people that you now just do online instead?

For example: I used to talk to people face-to-face all the time in school and at home with friends and family, but now with my career in web development and the rise of Facebook and other sites, I do most of my human interaction online.

How has this changed your life? How will this change even more 10, 20 years from now? Do you think this is a positive thing?

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Comparison shopping.

For example, I am considering the purchase of a new vehicle. It is WAY easier to compare features and prices on line than going to car dealerships and having to tolerate the sales guys who seem to be absolutely incapable of understanding the concept that not everyone who steps on their lot to view their products is planning to drive off that day in a new car.

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Playing cards.

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@noelleptc Still using dial-up?

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@noelleptc You’re saying the you talk to people on the phone more online than actually on a physical phone.

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Skype, send pictures, blog, and interact and communicate with customers. I used to make 40 phone calls a day now I e-mail 40 customers a day.

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@noelleptc So, you’re flunking?

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it’s almost easier to say the things I don’t do online. Music-making. Gardening. Vacationing. Commuting. Bicycling. Voting. Going for a walk. Getting health services (except prescriptions).

I’ve been sitting here thinking for a while, and I’m coming up pretty much blank.

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Shopping, it’s even worse now I have the Amazon app on my phone, especially when drunk.

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Research. I miss libraries though.

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Definitely shopping.

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Pay bills online…at least those that don’t have automatic payment set-up yet. I’ve also stopped almost all snail mail. The two newsletters I used to get monthly? They now are issued in electronic format. Bank statements? Online. No more daily newspaper in the driveway either. I’m all for cutting back on paper use. It’s another way to do my part for the environment.

Shopping is another. The online grocery shopping is fantastic, especially when you don’t own a car. The store my SO uses offers the option of having items delivered without bags, so it cuts down on the necessity for plastic ones.

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Pay bills- every one of my bills.

Shop- household stuff, clothing, you name- I can find it with free shipping and/or discounted.

Research- everything

Movies- my minimal Netflix account is WONDERFUL. I splurge a bit to have Xbox 360 but with that I can access my Netflix and through the giant screen with nice stereo and speaker stuff.

Talk to friends- Most of my friends are out of state so online lets us keep in touch, chat instantly, exchange/share pictures, all kinds of stuff.

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Paying bills
Finding books
Checking out music

As a result there is less real life socialising and a lot of time saved. But saved for what I wonder?

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I’m playing games a lot less. I guess this means I can grow friendships outside of the net world now. haha.

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I can’t remember EVER cybering before the internet. Not that I do it now.

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Booking train tickets, holidays. Buying books, CDs, DVDs. Chatting with friends.

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My treadmill changed into a clothing hanger.
I don’t exercise anymore.

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meet new people to talk to…. not that I don’t in the outside world I just meet more online.

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When I was growing up, the library was 6 blocks from the house, and I’d go there all the time and read reference books. I don’t need to do that anymore.

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playing yahtzee
plus most of the above answers

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Shoplifting. I used to have to go all the way to town to steal movies and music.

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I shop online a lot. I live in a town with a Walmart, Target and a crummy mall that is more office space than mall anymore.


Writing to people (I used to write “real letters” with pen and paper to my friends, relatives). Now I mostly email.

Read medical books and other reference books for information and advice. I now just Google what I want to know.

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