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How do you envision Web 3.0?

Asked by makemo (531points) April 27th, 2008

What’s the next big thing, if you were to decide right here, right now?

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from what i’m seeing, it’s all about all your data available, everywhere

personally, i’d be glad if they’d divide the net in 2 parts, regular and pro, pro costing a small amount of money, keeping the bullshit away, no irritating websites and pop-ups, etc, oh man, that would be great, i’d pay for sure
and ofcourse, the pro internet would have a higher traffic rate

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Fluther not only answers the questions, but tells you what they are in the first place.

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Cloud computing, RIAs rivaling desktop applications not only in the richness of features but in sheer numbers of daily users, further development and proliferation of mobile devices as platforms, as iwamoto said regarding “all your data available, everywhere”.

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I’ve always been wondering about (and wishing for) a possible substitution of the markup languages behind presenting web pages. Thinking more in terms of simply editing a normal document in a word processor, where you simply select some text and make it bold, and that’s it. Obviously, there has to be some form of ‘markup’ even there, although under the hood, so to speak. But being free from all or most of these markup tags when designing ,would be a refreshening evolution. (I think I’m somehow referring to an evolution where so called wysiwyg editors doesn’t need to exist.)

Edit: but then again… I’m dead tired and need to go to sleep, and I might not necessarily know exactly what I’m trying to say ^ above. :-P

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I’d say that, as opposed to all your data moving “into the cloud” as it is curently, a step back to centralization. Not that you’d move your data out of “the cloud”, but simply aggregating it in a central place so you have an overview of all your data even though it’s littered out across the web.
(In fact, I’m working on this myself :)

@iwamoto – oh God no. First of all, pro had to be extremely expensive if every website has to be checked. Furthermore, checking every website takes up a lot of time meaning that all information is outdated. It also harms collaboration.
Besides, if you do a little bit of effort you can already filter out all the ugly content right now (I’m thinking Firefox, Firefox extensions such as AdBlock, services such as OpenDNS, etc.).

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is the interwebs at web 2.0 lol?

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I agree with Vincentt. My data is already in the cloud. I long ago let go of my physical storage devices, more out of necessity than anything (I bike tour, and move a lot). My mail is on gmail, my chat logs are on meebo, my files are on my iDisk, photos on Flickr etc etc. Web sites are becoming thin clients. More and more people will use these services as they mature and become more powerful. But that’s all Web 2.0.

Web 3.0 is what happens when we figure out how to take our data, our friends’ data, and all the rest of the data from well-known experts and complete strangers, and make something really awesome out of it.

Some examples of this include which draws all your data from various financial institutions into one Quicken style application. Knowing everything it does about people’s spending trends, it can then tell you if you spend more or less than other people in your city on everything from gas, to dining. This is just one example that targets a very specific niche; personal financial data.

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I guess I am a dinosaur… like I am ever going to allow someone else know all my financial details without me seeing them face to face other than the tax man. There are too many weaknesses in web security for that kind of trust. Although I do use web based banking and credit card payment. I prefer to keep them separate, it is not all that hard to manage.

And cloud computing, is just too risky as well. I want my stuff in my complete control. I don’t mind using the cloud as one form of back-up and to make things avaialble. However, services go out of business or change policies and the next thing you know you don’t own your content anymore or can’t get at it without paying some cost you never planned for… sorry not for me.

Web 3.0 to me is going to be growth of media… from Movies to TV. And the integration of that with social networking and interactivity. The big media companies are really just getting around to re-purposing content to the web, much like businesses re-purposed marketing materials to the web in the 1.0 days (so very long ago). A lot of people are watching stuff only online now. How cool would it be to pause a tv show and click on an item or character to get more info about it. Or perhaps that is Web 4-Oh…

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Marketing slang, please don’t help it’s excistence!
Web 2.0 is an expression that means nothing more then the bleeding edge of web a.t.m. There is no specific ways to define it and whatever is Web 2.0 now, might not me tomorrow.


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I envision stupid buzzwords used by everyone.

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Real time Google Earth.

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